Work with Physically and Mentally Disabled Children

Many disable children in Sri Lanka do not get enough love and care because of lack of government and family support. . RCDP Sri Lanka presently collaborates with a physically and mentally disabled children home aiming to offer education, training, and support for poor disabled children. The project has also housed and cared for other mentally and psychologically diseased people. RCDP Sri Lanka Volunteer program invites volunteers to work in this project and share their skills, love, and passion for these neglected children. Your love, compassion and friendly behavior to the disabled persons are the effective means for improving their situation

Your Responsibility as a Volunteer:

Your contribution is immeasurable. You can help expand and maintain residential, training, and daycare facilities. You may also assist the caregivers to conduct recreational activities, teach in the classes, and serve meals. You can also provide direct services to deaf or mentally challenged children. If you have first-hand experience working with children with disabilities, professionally or personally, your expertise can especially be useful in this project. You can also donate medical supplies. You have to try your best to boost their confidence by inspiring and encouraging them.

Project Skills Required:

Volunteers joining this program should have love, compassion, and motivation to work for the physically and mentally disable children. You should have some skill and knowledge about the psychological treatment to such disable people. Volunteers should also be flexible, self-motivated with openness to new cultures and should have a willingness to learn.

Project Location:

Our projects are located in a beautiful town of Galle, 5 hours drive from Colombo, near the southern end of the country. And it's a district that boasts a great variance of scenarios, from beaches to marsh lands to dry planes to hills. During their free time, volunteers can visit to beautiful beaches, monasteries, temples, parks, churches, museums, art galleries etc. There are many beautiful villages nearby the place where volunteers can visit and explore Sri Lankan typical culture, way of living style, people, society and so on.


RCDP-Sri Lanka arranges room, food, and supervision for our volunteer from the very beginning to the end of the program. Volunteers stay with host family during the first week of language and cultural program. Host family arranges you a separate room providing Sri Lankan meal thrice a day. During your work as a volunteer, you will also live with host family in warm, welcoming and pleasing environment. They provide you a separate room. You may have to share shower and bathroom facilities with host families. We can also manage you to stay in hotel with little more additional fee, if you like. Volunteers will have 24/7 access to our office in Sri Lanka by e-mail or telephone. Our staff also will visit each volunteers in every one to two weeks to acknowledge their situation and to have feedback of the program.