Teach English in Orphanage

volunteer tibet teaching english Volunteering program in Tibet offers a new project where volunteers can work in orphanage and help the orphans by teaching English With this program; our volunteers can help the needy and underprivileged children in the orphanages and teaching English at schools. The orphanage and the school building are located near to each other, making it easy for our volunteers to work for both the projects simultaneously.

During the day, volunteers will teach at CWSS, a school for destitute and disabled children. The school has its own permanent staff members who will assist and advise the volunteers to over come the communication barriers that sometimes occur with students and colleagues. The volunteer during the period follow the official curriculum. . You will have an opportunity to learn and experience Buddhist culture and the non-violence philosophy of Buddhism while working in orphanage or teaching local students. Our volunteering program in Tibet promises to provide you experiences and knowledge memorable throughout your lifetime.

Your Responsibility as a Volunteer:

You will work in an orphanage in the morning and evening. Apart from that you will also teach English to the poor, destitute, and disabled children during the day time. In the morning, volunteers help in the kitchen by cooking and distributing breakfast to the children. Volunteers also help to dress the children and help them get ready for their school. In the evening, volunteers help in cleaning, cooking, and other tasks at the orphanage including helping the children with their homework.

You will work as an instructors or assistant English teachers. You can also help in the school's extra curricular activities, such as sports, games, art, music and other activities, or sanitation programs. You will usually teach English to the children ranging from 5-13 years for two to three hours a day for five days a week. English proficiency of Tibetans and local students is poor as Tibet had been isolated from the rest of the world for so many years. So, English teaching in Tibet is really a challenging and rewarding job. You as a volunteer can make a difference in the lives of both the students and teachers.

Accommodation and food

During the entire volunteering period in Tibet, RCDP manages the entire accommodation, food and supervision. The volunteer will be accommodated in a hotel with a comfortable room and a common bathroom. In this program the volunteers will be served a typical Tibetan food there times a day. Volunteers will have 24/7 access to our office in Tibet by e-mail or telephone. Our staff will also visit volunteers every week to acknowledge their progress, situation and feedback of the program.

Project Skills Required:

You must have a working knowledge of English as well as the desire to share your knowledge with students who are eager to learn. Most of the children in Tibet have very little knowledge of English, so your have to do an extra effort to help them learn and speak English. For volunteers flexibility a crash course of language and cultural training would be provided during the beginning session of the project. Volunteers should have strong motivation and compassion to work for underprivileged children. You should also be flexible, self-motivated with openness to new culture and willingness to learn.

Project Location:

Our project is located just outside of the capital of Lhasa and near the world-famous Potala Palace. During the volunteers’ free time, they can explore the historical monasteries, beautiful temples, shrines, fascinating rural villages, astonishing cultural atmosphere, friendly and welcoming people, ancient forts and magic landscapes which are located in the walking distance from our project site.