RCDP Achievements


  • Construction and renovation of 10 elementary schools to offer educational opportunities to rural children of Nepal.
  • Development of the first volunteer-supported eco-tourism project on 750 hectares of land in Chitwan in collaboration with British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV), UK.
  • Development of two small village-based nurseries and distribution of thousands of seedlings to local villagers to support the conservation efforts in Nepal.
  • The first Nepali organization to run youth exchange programs in Nepal, Asia, and Europe.
  • Association and collaboration with more than 12 international volunteer organizations, conservation groups, universities, and colleges.
  • Construction and conduction of an orphanage in Chitwan where RCDP, in assistance with international volunteer organizations, has been taking care of helpless and poor children of the country.
  • Volunteer placements and service project arrangements for more than 2,000 international volunteers, 10 international development groups, and 15 college student groups since 1995


RCDP feels proud to operate many community development projects in Nepal. Nearly, 40% of volunteers' program fee goes to support community projects in Nepal.


Construction Program Done by RCDP - Nepal


RCDP-Nepal is a non- profit organization working in the community level. It was established in 1999 in Nepal with the basic aim of empowering local communities to implement and organize community development, education and conservation projects.


Since its establishment, it has been running its volunteering programs in Nepal for volunteers' promotion and cultural exchanges. RCDP-Nepal offers a year- round volunteering program in the area of orphanage, conservation, health and teaching in school. Besides tha, we have constructed schools in different parts of the country.


So, RCDP-Nepal, as a non profitable and non governmental volunteering organization, is successfully constructed and renovated village primary schools in different part of the Chitwan district since 2002. It offers construction projects twice a year. RCDP–Nepal has completed the following construction projects:

Shree Saraswati Rastriya Primary School (2002 AD)

The construction work of this school was completed on March 20, 2002. This school is located in the Surtani village of the Chitwan district of Nepal. Most of the Tharu children get the opportunity to read and write in this school. In 2000 a massive flood had savaged the school building leaving it to just ruins. RCDP and Local villagers conducted meetings and decided to reconstruct the building for school and with the support and good wishes from our volunteers, we completed the project.


Letter of Appreciation from the School:


We are very happy to award this letter of appreciation to RCDP- Nepal that assisted financially and technically for the re-construction of Shree Saraswati Rastriya Primary School, Surtani, Chitwan. On behalf of the school family, we would like to appreciate this effort of humanity that supports us to increase the educational opportunity to the community children.

Shree Rastriya Primary School (2004 AD)

The construction work of the school was completed on March 18, 2004. Shree Rastriya Primary school is located in Mainaha Village of Chitwan district. Due to the flooding, the school was completely ruined in 2003. It was hard to manage children's education in that area. RCDP noticed that and managed the resources to construct new building to support those children. Now the children are getting education in a new school building and they are very happy.


Letter of Appreciation


With all due respect and hearty appreciation, we offer this letter of commendation to RCDP-Nepal that assisted us financially, technically and, physically for the construction of Shree Rastriya Primary School Mainaha's building which was damaged by a huge flood in June 20th 2003 and had deprived us of sending our children to school. Again from the inner core of our hearts, we the school family, villagers of Mainaha and the well wishers of this school like to appreciate such great help that has inspired us to move ahead.

Shree Basandhara Community Primary School (2005 AD)

The construction work of Bashundhara Community School, Mangalpur VDC ward no 7 Chitwan, was completed by RCDP-Nepal on 14 April, 2004 in collaboration of Aid Camps International. Due to the lack of school, local children were deprived from schooling and could not get education easily. They had to visit far location and had to walk more than half an hour to reachschool, which was very difficult for the small children especially in rainy season.


Local villagers and RCDP jointly conducted a meeting to establish a primary school to provide education for small, poor and ethnic children of that area and built a new school with the support of Aid Camps International. The lfor the school was jointly donated by Mr. Shesh Kanta Adhikari and Prem Prakash Paudel.


RCDP-Nepal, looking at the weak financial position of the school has been supporting a principal and three full and a part time teachers to teach in the school. Continuously volunteers' are mobilized from RCDP-Nepal to promote and help sustain the quality of education .


Letter of Appreciation

We sincerely offer this appreciation letter to RCDP-Nepal for its generous contribution and help with the construction of Shree Basandhara community primary school. The school has been a great success to our community children representing enthusiasm and eagerness to learn each time they enter their respective classrooms. The building is constructed in a manner, which is conductive to the school's needs. The natural sunlight that beams through each and every window enhances the eager attitude of students that motivates the students to study.


We wish more success and hope to strengthen our relationship with mutual cooperation.


Thank You.

Shree Om Shanti Rastriya Primary School (2006 AD)

This school is situated in Nipani of Ratnanagar municipality. Nipani is the place where the Tharu people live. This school was established to provide education specially to the Tharu Children. The school was lacking a building and they had a hut as a classroom where the children had to read and write. RCDP- Nepal and Aid Camps International jointly constructed three classroom buildings on Mar 30, 2006. Now the children are happy being inside the new buildings for the classes.


Letter of Appreciation

On the behalf of this school, we express our sincere gratitude towards RCDP–Nepal for providing financial and technical support to construct new school building of Om Shanti Rastriya Primary school, Nipani, and Chitwan.

We wish you more success in achieving the mission of your organization and hope our future relationship can be strengthened with mutual benefits.

Asna Child Rehabilitation Home ( 2004 AD to 2006 AD)

Due to the poverty and political problem, numbers of kids are being orphans in Nepal. Most of the orphanages are established in urban area and we find a big lack of the orphanages in the rural area of Nepal . RCDP Nepal proposed a plan to make an orphanage in Mangalpur VDC, West Rampur of Chitwan district to provide home, food, and education to the orphans in homely environment.


The construction work started in 2004 and was completed in Sep 2006. Within the three year period, a three storey building and a kitchen, was constructed where today around 25 orphans are living there . For this project Yeti, Aid Camps International and RCDP jointly provided the financially and technically resources for the construction. The project cost was USD 46000/-. RCDP–Nepal is supporting them in their health, food and education.


Letter of Appreciation

On behalf of Asna Child Rehabilitation Home, we would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to RCDP-Nepal for its generous help in providing financial, technical and physical support to construct orphanage building in Mangalpur-7, Chitwan.

We hope in coming days RCDP-Nepal will continue similar kinds of support for the betterment of orphanages and orphans who are deprived from their basic rights.

Shree Shantideep Rastriya Primary School (2007AD)

To talk about the history of Shantideep Primary school in Gheghauli, Chitwan, it had very old and small building in which nearly 150 small children studied. The wall was made of mud and brick and was broken in several places. Rooms were very narrow and dark. There was an urgent necessity to construct a new building for the children. RCDP–Nepal and Aid Camps International jointly constructed a new three room school building in March 30, 2007. Now all students have a good opportunity to read and write in this new building.


Letter of Appreciation

This letter of appreciation is granted to RCDP-Nepal for the contribution toward the Shree Shantideep Primary School in Gheghauli, Chitwan for providing financial and technical support to construct the new school building. We sincerely appreciate the efforts of RCDP Nepal in supporting for the betterment of education for the community's children.

RCDP – Nepal 's Environmental Program:

Due to the rapid degradation of forest and lack of an awareness program to community people about environmental issues, the balance of ecology is decreasing daily. Flooding and pollution are the main concerns for environment degradation. RCDP Nepal has always cared about environmental issues since its establishment. It has started a village based nursery in Rampur Chitwan, with an aim of producing and distributing forest species seedlings to community people for the purpose of plantation.


With the collaboration of local community people and international volunteers, RCDP has organized several plantation programs in different part of Mangalpur Village and community forest. Plantations in community forest land, village road side plantations and plantations in school land are the major plantation programs completed by RCDP-Nepal. RCDP-Nepal produces many different types of seedlings to distribute freely to the community people. RCDP believes that by doing these activities, people will able to raise awareness in the community people to save environment and make it a healthy one.


Since the establishment of RCDP-Nursery, it has distributed more than 150,000 seedlings of various species of Plants and trees to the community to increase greenery around the village. Kapok, China Berry, Harro, Barro, Bamboo, Asoka, Satisal, Siris, Khair are the main species distributed for plantation. Annually RCDP-Nepal produces seedlings according to the interest of local people. RCDP-Nepal continuously runs its environmental conservation program and brings a change in environment making the community people aware about the consequence and future prospects.

Eye camp in Chitwan with medical volunteers and local doctors

RCDP–Nepal has successfully completed an eye camp in Chitwan on July 02, 2007. We successfully accomplished the camp with the help of local people in Rampur Village. One hundred sixty people participated in the camp and medical support was done by a Nepalese Eye specialist and a foreign medical doctor. During the camp RCDP-Nepal had even provided transportation facilities for the patients.


As a part of this effort, RCDP–Nepal has been conducting Eye Camps in various villages to screen villagers and identify problems to take necessary corrective actions such as cataract operation, medication or prescribing eyeglasses for correcting vision.