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Kailash Tour via Simikot-20 Days

Are you planning to visit Nepal for a religious trek? Do you wish to explore the sacred Mount Kailash embarking on a 20 days’ Kailash tour via Simikot?

Considered as the physical paragon of the mythical Mount Meru, people believe Mount Kailash to be the world’s most sacred mountain. Possessing religious significance and beliefs amidst Hindus and Buddhists, the pilgrims of both the religion consider Kailash as the holy mountain and pay their visit. Not just that, the tour allows you to explore Mansarover and Rakshesa, a pristine and sacred Lake.

20 days spiritual Kailash tour via simikot offers you an expedition that brings you close to the pleasing serenity. The mesmerizing view of the snowcapped mountains, and the turquoise Lakes are the significant attraction. Also, one gets to enjoy a clear view of 4 different countries, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan at the same time from its peak.

This ‘20 Days Kailash Tour via Simikot’ package is designed for the trekkers who are fit, healthy and have previous trekking experience. If this itinerary is not suitable for you, then you can check out our other tour packages such as Buddhist Cultural Tour in Nepal-8 Days or Footsteps of the Buddha Tour-13 Days.

If you are interested to embark on this tour, you can request for some additional information.

Kailash Tour via Simikot-20 Days Itinerary:

20 days trek tour to Kailash via Simikot begins from Kathmandu with a brief excursion in the valley. From there on, we traverse through different valleys and towns blessed with natural beauty and cultural, religious significance before finally beginning to Kora at Mt. Kailash. Later, the expedition takes you to the sacred Mansarover Lake before ending the tour back at Kathmandu.

Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival

Upon your arrival at the international airport in Kathmandu, you will be welcomed by our representatives who will drive you to the designated hotel. Once you check in, you can freshen up and rest. For the evening a dinner will be hosted for you as a welcoming gesture, where you will be served delicious Nepali Cuisines.

Day 2: Preparing for Trip in Kathmandu

The second day of the 20 days Kailash tour via Simikot, is a kind of leisure day, as the only thing that you will do today is prep for the tour. If you have additional queries regarding the tour you can consult the guide and be assured about the trip. For the rest of the day you can just relax and rest or you could as well explore the streets of Thamel. You will be spending the night over at the hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 3: Fly to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu

On the third day of the 20 days long tour to Kailash via Simikot, you will go for Kathmandu’s short excursion. After that, you will head towards the western region of Nepal taking an flight around an hour long to Nepalgunj.

Nepalgunj is a Terai town located near the Nepal-Indian border which represents the diverse Nepali culture. After arriving at Nepalgunj you will get to explore the villages, mini zoo and local markets. You will spend the night at a hotel in Nepalgunj.

Day 4: Fly from Nepalgunj to Simikot (2985 meters) and trekking to Dharapori (2360 meters)

The first thing to do on the 4th day of 20 days religious tour to Kailash via Simikot is to have head to the airport to board on a 40 minute flight to Simikot, a headquarter of the Humla district. During your stay at Simikot, you can get acquainted about the local inhabitants and their rich culture. The culture here is highly influenced by Tibetans due to the existence of these places in close proximity.

After briefly exploring the place you will have you lunch at Simikot and head towards the police office to register for the permits. From there on you are supposed to ascend for a while before descending to the Tuling Village. Making way through the villages and forests you will finally approach Dharapori. You will stay for the night in Dharapori.

Day 5: To Kermi From Dharapori (2860 meters)

This day, you are supposed to follow the trail alongside Karnali River, which is a relatively flat trail to walk on. You head forth walking through the trails cultivated mostly with rice, potatoes, barley and buckwheat. Also, Kermi has two hot springs nearby known for soothing the aching bodies. You also get an opportunity to explore the ancient Buddhist monasteries namely, Lhundrup Choeling Gompa and Laikyo Gompa. On completion of the 5th day’s tour of 20 days tour to Kailash via Simikot, you will stay overnight in Kermi.

Day 6: To Yalbang from Kermi (2879 meters)

The 6th day of the 20 days Kailash tour via simikot demands you to trek on a flat and steep trail till you approach a suspension bridge over the Salli river. This place offers you the spectacular view of the colossal Karnali river and the pine trees. Up next you will visit the Namkha Khyung Dzong Monastery and spend the rest of the day and night in Yalbang.

Day 7: To Tumkot from Yalbang (3073 meters)

Today you will be ascending further from Yalbang walking on a trial above the Karnali river. The further we get into the route the greenery and the small bushes vanishes and you will approach the rocky hills and pine trees.

After you finally arrive at the Tumkot, you will be visiting one of the salient Sakya monasteries in the Tibetan region, which marks an end to the 7th day of 20 days tour package to Kailash via Simikot.

Day 8: To Yari From Tumkot (3663 meters)

Yet again on day 8 of the Kailash via Simikot 20 day’s tour, you will be trekking above the Karnali river on a relatively easy trail. Few miles of moving forth into the trail, you will start noticing change in the climate along with the vegetation and landscapes that appears to be unfrequented. Eventually you will arrive at Yari and stay overnight there.

Day 9: To Hilsa from Yari (3647 meters)

Today, on the 9th day of 20 days’ tour to Kailash via Simikot, you will make through the first pass of the trek, Nara La Pass. The vegetation in this region seems desolated and the landscapes resembles to that of the Tibet.

The views of the magnificent Yari village and Tibetan plateau after crossing the pass is purely captivating. Now after that, you are supposed to descend down the trail till you reach Hilsa. For the pilgrims heading towards Mt. Kailash on a helicopter, Hilsa is the dropping point. You will stay for the rest of the night at Hilsa.

Day 10: To Purang from Hilsa (3772 meters)

On this day you will have to cross the Friendship bridge where your permits and passports will be checked by the Chinese officials. This is the same place where you will be introduced to your Tibetan Guide. Afterwards, you will start ascending towards Purang from Hilsa passing by Rinzin Zangpo Gompa and Kangje village.

Upon your arrival at Purang, the last thing that you will do on the 10th day of 20 day’s tour to Kailash via Simikot is to explore the ancient Purang Gompa and the Buddhist Frescoes back from the 12th century. You will spend your night at Purang.

Day 11: To Montser from Purang (4450 meters)

After early morning breakfast, you will begin your 11th day of the 20 days’ Kalinchowk tour via Simikot by heading towards Montser. The trail to Montser will take you through the Mansarover and Rakshas Lake. After arriving at Montser you will proceed ahead to visit Tirthapuri.

The Tirthapuri hot springs which cognates with Padmasambhava is visited by the pilgrims to take a bathe in the pools. Up next you will go visit a monastery that contains guru’s footprints. After exploring Tirtapuri you make your way back to Montser to stay there for overnight.

Day 12: Garuda Valley’s sightseeing, Transferring to Darchen (4560 meters)

The 12th day of the 20 days’ long tour to Kailash via Simikot is scheduled for you to visit Garuda valley, renowned for its historical and archeological sites. The valley contains some mysterious caves, few of which are not explored yet. People also has this belief that long before the prevalence of Buddhism in this world, Garuda valley was a cradle of civilization during Shang Shung King’s rein. After exploring this amazing valley, you will move on to Darchen, a town right in front of Mt. Kailash.

Day 13: Hike from Darchen to Dira Puk Monastery (5120 meters)

This day onwards you will initiate the Kora (circumambulation) of Mount Kailash. On the first day of moving ahead from Darchen, you will have to hike for around 6 hours in a deep valley. You will keep continuing the hike further across the plain to Shershong before approaching Chhuku Gompa, crossing a bridge. From there on you will follow a trail leading to Dirapuk, which promises an enthralling panorama of the Mt. Kailash’s north face. After spending a beautiful day of hiking the 13th day of 20 days’ Kailash tour via Simikot ends. You will spend your night at Dirapuk.

Day 14: Hike from Dira Puk to Dzutul-puk (4790 meters)

In comparison to other days of the Kailash tour, today’s journey is going to be the most arduous one. You have to make through the Drolma-la Pass at 5750 meters, which will be the highest elevation that you will reach in your entire 20 day’s tour to Kailash via Simikot.

From Drolma-la pass you then will descend to Dzutul-puk, famous for some ancient meditative caves and a Lake of compassion named Thugje Zinbu. You will be staying overnight at Dzutul-puk.

Day 15: Hike to Darchen (4560 meters)

The 15th day of the 20 days’ long Kailash tour via Simikot is the final day of Mt. Kailash’s holy Kora. The Kora comes to an end at Darchen, from where you will take a 2 hours’ drive to Mansarover Lake. Holding significance for both Buddhists and Hindus, people from both the religion has some beliefs attached to the Lake.

According to the Hindu theology, anyone who drinks water from the Mansarover Lake is surmised to go to Lord Shiva’s abode after death. Also, the Buddhist has their association with another lake named Anavatapta, where Queen Maya is believed of having conceived Buddha. Overnight stay at Mansarover.

Day 16: Mansarover Lake tour

Today, you will be circumambulating one among the world’s highest freshwater Lakes, Mansarover Lake with 90 kilometers of circumference. The belief also prevails that the Mount Kailash’s kora isn’t considered to be complete unless you take a holy dip in the Mansarover Lake. You will circle around Mansarover on a jeep and if there is any time left, you can go visit the Chui Gompa. You will spend the 16th night of your 20 days’ Kailash tour via Simikot at Mansarover.

Day 17: To Saga From Mansarover (4600 meters)

On the 17th day of 20 days’ religious tour to Kailash through Simikot, you will be driving for around 8-9 hours to reach Saga. You drive past Chiu Monastery, Hor Quo and Mayum La Pass with the views of various small towns. The drive will cover around 525 kilometers to arrive at Saga from where, instead of following the route to Lhasa, you will take another route to Kathmandu. An overnight stay in Saga will be arranged for you.

Day 18: To Shigatse from Saga (3900 meters)

You will begin the 18th day of 20 days’ tour to Kailash via Simikot by continuing travelling to Shigatse through Latse. You will follow the trail alongside the Tsangpo river to arrive at Shigatse after 8-9 hours’ of drive. After reaching there, you can freshen up at first and then visit the Tashilhunpo Monastery.

Day 19: To Lhasa from Shigatse (3650 meters)

Day 19 of the 20 days’ Kailash tour through Simikot is dedicated to driving towards Lhasa. After the early morning breakfast you will commence the drive that eventually passes through Shalu Monastery, where you stop by to pay a visit. The monastery is a definition of pure art famous for its mural paintings.

When you are done visiting the monastery, the journey to Lhasa again continues as we cross Karo La pass (5045 meters) and Khamba la Pass (4795 meters), where we make a brief stop to witness the beauty of the Yamdrok Tso, one amid Tibet’s 3 largest lakes. Also, you can savor the beauty of amazing Nazin Kang Snag Glacier. Overnight stay at Lhasa will be arranged for you.

Day 20: Departure

The 20th day marks and end to the 20 days’ long tour to Kailash via Simikot. You can collect the photographs from the travel companies before our representative will drop you off at the airport around 3 hours prior to your scheduled flight.

Price Include/Exclude:

Price Includes:

  • Pickups and drops from hotel (s) and airport(s).
  • Tea house accommodation during trek, whereas, Hotels in Tibet, Nepalgunj and Kathmandu. Breakfast in Tibet Nepalgunj and Kathmandu.
  • Entire meal while trekking in Nepal (only)
  • Flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu and to Simikot from Nepalgunj along with airport departure taxes.
  • Helping in acquiring the Chinese visa
  • Every necessary entry fees and permit(s) (including Tibet Travel Permit) Private vehicle transport to and from Lhasa, Hilsa, Garuda Valley, Kailash, (van, Hiace or bus)
  • Trained, experienced and English-speaking local guide(s)
  • Porter or horse’s fee from Simikot to Hilsa and during Kora
  • T-Shirt, down jacket, sleeping bag, and duffle bag
  • All applicable service charges and taxes
  • Bus fee to Lake Mansarover Kora
  • All necessary paperwork

Price Exclude:

  • International airfares
  • Fee for Chinese visa
  • Accommodation(s) outside the itinerary
  • Dinner and Lunch (any meal except breakfast) in Tibet, Nepalgunj and Kathmandu.
  • Rescue and Travel insurance.
  • Extra cost in the contingency of landslide which can require hiring additional porters and transportation.
  • Personal porter or Horse rental at Kora Costs for the emergency evacuation (cost for rescue, medical insurance and renting a Land Cruiser is recommended). We suggest you to purchase insurance with a zero deductible term.
  • All other personal expenses including phone call, bar bills, laundry, web usages, photography charges, and telephone calls
  • Tips for drivers guides and porters

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