Medical Volunteering Nepal

Do you want to learn and practice your medical skills working alongside professional medical doctors in Nepal? Then, this program is designed to provide you with an opportunity to make a difference while improving your medical career.

Nepal is world-famous as a trekker’s paradise. Over the last ten years Nepal’s tourism has significantly grown due to a great interest for healthy and fit life by hikers and mountaineers. Hundreds of rock climbers and hikers are pouring in to Nepal everyday. Nepal also boasts gorgeous architecture of the great Buddhist temples around the country.

After joining this medical volunteering Nepal program, you will shadow and work with local medical professionals and doctors. This is an opportunity to learn and acquire unique medical experience that will boost your growing medical career.

Through your work much needed relief in hospitals and medial centers will allow the hospitals to care and attend to more people and allow local staff to rest. Additionally, your passion will change lives of disadvantaged people, while keeping poor communities healthy.

Join this unique opportunity to learn, while also gaining valuable experience while assisting doctors in Nepal, contact RCDP today to learn more about this unique and affordable opportunity today.

Responsibilities And Impacts

Medical mission volunteers will support professional local doctors and medical staff. You will be assigned to work according to your level of experience and personal preference. Your work in the hospital will include but not limited to: treating minor injuries, measuring BP & weight, patients record keeping, overall medical checkup for patients, assisting local doctors, and similar responsibilities. To diversify, you can also work in the administration, fundraising and counseling communities on basic personal hygiene.

Becoming a medical volunteer in Nepal will be life-changing. You will gain invaluable hands-on medical experience in a developing country Nepal. In addition, you will also provide much needed help to the understaffed Nepalese hospitals and clinics.

Skills and Qualifications

To join RCDP’s medical volunteering Nepal programs you will be required to have a medical certification, nurse certificate or certified previous medical experience. Most importantly you will be required to have a great love and passion for helping people. You should also be proactive, hardworking and an enthusiastic person who enjoys tackling new challenges in foreign environments.

The Start Date

Medical volunteering Nepal program start every Monday of each month all year long. If you experience any travel difficulty or distress getting to Nepal on the day of your chosen program can also start on any other day of the year.

Fees and Date

RCDP offers the most affordable program fees for medical volunteer in Nepal opportunities. Medical programs fees are assigned into two parts. The registration fees for $279 and weekly programs fees starting as low as $185 depending on the duration of time you stay in Nepal.

The registration fee for health projects in Nepal includes all the pre-departure and administration costs. Weekly program fee is paid directly to your host family or the local program coordinator. RCDP is 100% transparent and offer full accountability on your program fees spending.

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Accommodation and Meal

While in Nepal medical volunteer program, RCDP will accommodate you in either a volunteer house or with a host family . Both accommodation options are comfortable, safe and clean offering you a secure living space in Nepal.

In the new home away from home, the family will treat you like one of the family members offering you a great opportunity to learn new culture and customs. You will experience great comfort with modern facilities including running water (not hot water) and western-style toilets. In addition, you will be served three delicious local home cooked meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) per day.

Learn more about your accommodation and meal options while in Nepal.

Free Time and Weekend Exploration

You will have plenty of free time to explore during your medical project. During the week you will work for 4-5 hours, Monday through to Friday, leaving you plenty of time to spend your evenings discovering around the city attractions in Kathmandu and Chitwan. It is also a chance to join fellow volunteers and discover the area together. Over the weekend you will have two complete days–Saturday and Sunday-to travel on longer trip across Nepal and explore other cities and attractions.

Learn more about your free time and weekend exploration in Nepal.

Safety and In Country Support

RCDP takes serious comprehensive steps to ensure that you always feel safe and comfortable while undertaking your medical volunteer program in Nepal. You will be supported to take all the necessary preparations including travel insurance and vaccinations before travelling to Nepal. When you arrive in Nepal for healthcare program, you will be provided a local in-country coordinator and support staff who will be available incase you need any help. Similarly, there will be an intense safety orientation session before you start your volunteering program. Your safety is RCDP’s priority.

Learn more about our safety and in country support.

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