Photo Journalism Nepal Volunteer

Are you interested in photography and looking for an affordable way to perfect your skills working internationally? Do you dream of travelling to Nepal for a backdrop of perfect photos? Look no further than photo journalism Nepal volunteer program.

From iconic snow capped Himalaya Mountains, architectural temples to the vibrant Buddhist rituals and cultural festivals, Nepal offers the perfect background to practice and learn photography skills. The country has so much to offer from its delicious local cuisine and wildlife national parks.

By joining this program, you'll work with close supervision of a seasoned professional working for a local experienced newspaper. They will guide you and teach you all the skills required to make it as a photo journalist from editing photos, taking advantage of light including aperture control.

nepal natural beauty

You will not only learn new skills while shadowing photography professionals but also fulfill your dreams of touring and experiencing Nepal culture and fascinating traditions while broadening your lens capability.

Become volunteer photo journalism in Nepal and work with professional photographers in Nepal for a life changing experience and an opportunity to make take world-class photos, contact RCDP about this exciting opportunity today.

Volunteer Responsibilities & Impacts

While in Nepal, you will visit places where you can take interesting pictures. You will attend great occasions including a marriage ceremony or a chariot drawing festival, where crowds merry with festival songs and dance. Also, sometimes you will work for a newspaper. Exquisite photos of a Hindu temple, where intricately carved windows and statues offer visitors a marvelous look at ancient art and perfect photogenic background.

During the Nepal photojournalism volunteering project, you’ll find the culture of northern Nepal around the giant Buddhist stupas of Kathmandu, where you’ll meet maroon colored monks and people of oriental faces. All these and much more, you’ll agree with your supervisor before you venture into any of them. Your professional supervisor will always accompany you.

Photo journalism Nepal volunteer is a very meaningful project. Your work will include supporting professional photographers take photos that properly represent Nepal. You will travel extensively while exploring places you normally could not all while learning so much about the country traditions and culture. Additionally you will be able to attend unique ceremonies including marriage, chariot-drawing ceremonies and even in the temples and palaces.

Skills and Qualifications

If you know how to take pictures or at least know about some of the functions of a professional camera, you'll have an easier time. If you don’t know anything about photography, you'll have to put in more hard work but you'll get there.

The end goal is to ensure you become a proficient and skillful photo journalist. Be prepared to learn and be pro active while out working in the field. It is important that you are passionate about photography be kind, easy going, respectable and ready to travel and adventurous while understanding and learning new cultures.

The Start Date

Photo journalism Nepal volunteer program start every Monday of each month all yearlong. If you experience any travel difficulty or distress getting to Nepal on the day of your chosen program can also start on any other day of the year.

Fees and Dates

RCDP has been working with many international volunteer organizations to runs their Nepal program. It is a trusted Partner for many US & UK volunteer companies offering very affordable volunteer in Nepal photo journalism opportunities. RCDP’s program fees starts at low as $225 for one-week stay in Nepal with a one-time registration fee of $279. The registration fee covers for all the administration during your volunteer abroad preparation process.

For transparency and accountability, the program fees is paid directly to your host family or to the project coordinator, so there is no second-guessing if your money is going where it is needed most .

Learn more about our highly affordable volunteer in Nepal fees.

Accommodation and Meal

RCDP ensures you are comfortable and safe in host family or a volunteer house. For your security and safety, your host family in Nepal is socially respected with years of experience in hosting international volunteers. You will be offered a comfortable and secure home with a family that will love protect and care for you like a family member. Life will be fun and exciting while staying with a host family in Nepal , you will have a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, as you get to live like a local.

You will also be provided with three quality home cooked healthy meals a day throughout your stay. You will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Learn more about your accommodation and meal options while in Nepal.

Free Time and Weekend Exploration

While in Nepal photo journalism volunteer, you will have enough time to explore while working in our volunteering projects. You will work for 4-5 hours, from Monday to Friday, leaving you plenty of time during the week to check local places around you and experience diverse culture and understand their history. Over the weekend you will be able to travel far across the country exploring the temples or hiking in the mountains.

Learn more about your free time and weekend exploration in Nepal.

Safety and In Country Support

RCDP ensures that you always feel safe and secure during your entire volunteer project. Before travelling to Nepal you will receive support to take necessary vaccinations and while in the project you will have an in-country coordinator and support staff assigned to assist you any time should need any help. Additionally, you will be offered a comprehensive insurance and evacuation plan to ensure your safety, including an intense orientation process as soon as you arrive in Nepal.

Learn more about our safety and in country support.

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