Ashna Orphanage

asna building

Ashana Orphanage was established in 2004 in Lamatar, a quiet village on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Its very peaceful and pollution-free environment makes it the ideal place to raise children. A jungle is nearby, and villages are scattered around the orphanage. Even the schools aren’t that far from the orphanage. A blacktop road connects Lamatar with Kathmandu.

This orphanage took in 10 children when it opened. That number has risen to 20 since then and probably will increase because Nepal doesn’t have many institutions for orphans. The children come from many different regions in Nepal, mostly very remote. In the orphanage, the children have a large study and dining room with enough area to play during their free time.

The Ashna Orphanage provides the children with education in loving and homey environment, so they will feel love and care. It hopes one day to turn the children into mature and responsible citizens who will serve Nepal well. The orphanage also wants to expand the current facility and take in more children.


Why the Ashna Orphanage needs help


The Ashna Orphanage runs on donations. It isn’t involved in any income-generating activities and gets no help from the government. Donations to the Ashna Orphanage come mostly from abroad and volunteers working in the orphanage. Although a small donation might not sound like much to you, you’d be surprised how much the orphanage can do with it.

When you join RCDP’s Charity Trek program, $100 of your donation goes directly to the Ashna Orphanage. This money will help the orphanage buy food, educational materials and clothes for these children. Your assistance makes a big difference in these children’s lives.

If you want, you may visit the Ashna Orphanage in Kathmandu to meet the children your trekking donation helps.