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Everything you need to know about staying with a host family in Nepal

Provides you amazing opportunities of cultural immersion

staying with host family

When you volunteer in Nepal program, you may be given the option to live with a host family. Although it may seem intimidating at first, RCDP encourages every volunteer to consider this option. Along with the perks of affordability and an instant support system, living with a homestay family while in Nepal will give you a unique authentic experience that most other visitors don’t have the opportunity to experience. You will come to know Nepali culture in a very intimate way from signature kitchen scents to daily rituals and subtle differences in social norms you would not have noticed if you stayed in a hostel.

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RCDP’s process of selecting host families

RCDP selects on the best families to host volunteers in Nepal. We ask that families who want to host volunteers meet certain comfort and safety standards and they are also required to undergo a vetting process. Most of our host families are well experienced and love welcoming new people into their home. It is as much of a joy for them as it is exciting for you. They will rejoice as you discover everything Nepal has to offer and inquire about how your culture and experience differs from their walk of life. We can guarantee that our warm-hearted Nepali host families will make you feel welcome from the moment you walk in their door.

Experience in host families

That being said, every host family will provide a different experience depending on where you live and who you live with. Staying with an older couple in an urban setting will be much different than living with a single mother of four in rural Nepal. Despite these differences, there are a few things you can expect from every Nepali host family. All you need is an open-mind, positive attitude, and a little extra confidence to step outside of your comfort zone. Take this opportunity to live like a local during your abroad adventure.

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The benefits of staying with a host family

An overwhelming amount of past volunteers have expressed that staying with a Nepali family really enriched their volunteering experience in Nepal. There are so many benefits that come with staying with a local family. Some are obvious, and others may be more subtle.

First and foremost, let’s talk about food

Who doesn’t love a good meal? While chowing down gives us the energy we all need for survival, it does so much more than that. Food can connect us and help us grow stronger bonds. It can help us become more creative and open our minds to new possibilities. Food can add spice to our life! It can define memories, places, and even people.

When you volunteer in Nepal, you will begin and end every day over a shared meal with your homestay family. These meals are a unique way to learn more about Nepal’s diverse culture. As you break bread and snack on momos with local Nepali people, you will learn about their economy, the story behind certain dishes, and how Nepalese cuisine nourishes your body. You may also learn about regional specialties, local ingredients, and unique food preparation processes that may be unfamiliar to you.

Sharing meals

Meal sharing will also give you opportunities to connect on a more personal level with your Nepal homestay family. You can practice your Nepal language skills at the table, talking about how your day was, new things, or words that you learned, how you contributed to your Nepal volunteer project, or ask how your host families days’ were. If you don’t speak the Nepal language proficiently or if your host family doesn’t speak English, it’s a great opportunity to practice non-verbal communication skills and attempt to communicate however you can. This can often be fun and create a stronger bond with your host family.

Another huge benefit of meal sharing through your Nepal homestay family is that it gives you one less thing to worry about while you’re abroad. You know that you’ll have tasty, nourishing, and safely prepared meals readily available to you without having to think about how much you’re spending on food, whether you’re putting something dangerous into your body, or going to the grocery store. In this way, meal sharing with your host family will allow you to focus the experience of sharing meals and embrace the local flavor palette.

Although not directly through the food itself, meal sharing will also allow you do activities with your host family and get to know them better by working beside them through acts of service. You can offer to help them prep food or clean up after mealtime. They will appreciate the gesture and you’ll be able show them your gratitude for their warm and welcome hospitality. However, you should always keep in mind that you are in someone else’s home, so think twice before entering the kitchen without permission when it’s not mealtime, don’t get offended if your host family prefers you not to help in the kitchen, and stay sensitive to any cultural differences relating to food.

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When you stay with a host family, you’ll sleep soundly at night.

All RCDP host families are required to meet certain safety and comfort requirements. Knowing that you are in a good neighborhood living with a family who is looking out for you will give you peace of mind in terms of safety. What’s more, we also understand that your accommodations can really make or break your abroad experience, so when you volunteer in Nepal program and stay with a Nepali host family, you will be assured that you can expect clean and comfortable accommodations upon arrival.

You will have amazing and authentic immersion experience

One of the most common reasons for volunteering abroad is to learn about another culture and explore a different way of life. These two motivations are guaranteed opportunities when you stay with a host family in Nepal.

While your living with your Nepal hosts, we encourage you to take advantage and ask them as much as possible about their cultural customs. You may inquire about special traditions, the job market, or what locals like to do on the weekends. Equally, your host family will probably want to do the same thing with you – they love learning about other cultures and are excited to share in this experience with you. Once you start talking, your confidence will build, and you can ask more intimate questions while feeling comfortable knowing you have friends who are just as open minded as you are.


While volunteering in Nepal, staying with local Nepal families will immerse you completely into a new culture, and most likely a new language as well. You will hear the Nepali language being spoken every day between your family members, on the tv, and on car radios. Try to learn key words and phrases so you can interact more with your hosts. Listen to how people speak and try to partake in conversations. Immersion is the quickest way to pick up a foreign language!

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Remember, you’re a guest

While your Nepal homestay family may make you feel 100% at home, you must remember that at the end of the day, you are their guest. Your host family has made the decision to welcome you into their home and their daily routines, which is a very personal gesture. You should be grateful that they have given you this opportunity and have been kind enough to welcome you into their home.

Always respect the rules and customs of your Nepal home. Even if your homestay mother feels like your real mom, make sure you’re cleaning up after yourself, dressing modestly, speaking respectfully, and offering to help with chores. Be aware that if there are children in the house, that you will need to act as a role model for them. Little eyes are always watching – especially because you are out of the ordinary for them! What’s more, if you aren’t sure about something just ask permission. If something feels uncomfortable to you, be open with your hosts about how your feeling. You can always reach out to you support staff for advice and help if you’re not sure how to manage a situation.

Embrace this experience! Staying with a host family while in Nepal is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence that you won’t want to miss out on. Reach out to RCPD today with any questions or to learn more about how you can take full advantage of this unique opportunity while you’re volunteering in Nepal program.

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