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Volunteer in Nepal Orphanage Guide

childcare project nepal

Are you looking to support impoverished children while travelling to Nepal? Have you heard, read or seen on television the dire situation in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake? Would you like to travel to Nepal and have no idea where to start looking?

Don’t panic just yet! We will successfully take you step by step through this volunteering experience in Nepal orphanage Nepal.

There is a first time for everything, do not be intimidated by “years of volunteering experience” and just because you have not done something before does not mean you will not be great at it.

In this guide we will start by introducing you to volunteering in Nepal orphanage through to the final stage of completion of the project and returning back home.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Volunteering in Orphanage Program In Nepal
  • What is volunteering abroad?
  • Why volunteer in Nepal?
  • Why should you volunteer in orphanage in Nepal?
  • Is orphanage volunteering program in Nepal really for me?
  • Chapter 2: How Do You Get Ready To Volunteer with Orphanage In Nepal
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Vaccination
  • Flights
  • Fund Raising
  • Recommended reading resources
  • Chapter 3: Preparing For Your Volunteer in Nepal Orphanage Experience
  • Packing checklist
  • Information to know before travelling to Nepal
  • Accommodation and meals available while you volunteer in Nepal
  • Chapter 4: What do you need to know before volunteering in orphanage in Nepal?
  • Ask for detailed information about the volunteer orphanage program
  • Ask for the accommodation options available
  • Ask about your support system while in Nepal
  • Make the final contact call before leaving for Nepal.
  • Chapter 5: The Local In-Country-Support Staff
  • Making the final call before departing for Nepal
  • Chapter 6: Your adventure begins: what to expect upon arrival
  • Departure check list
  • Chapter 7: Safety And Cultural Shock
  • Culture Shock, How to deal with it
  • Safety
  • The Do’s’ and Don’ts
  • Chapter 8: Completing Your Project And Returning Home
  • How to make your Orphanage volunteer experience project rewarding?
  • Things to see and do whole volunteering Orphanage English
  • How can you continue to support volunteer Orphanage in Nepal project?
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What is volunteering abroad?

Volunteering abroad is an international humanitarian trip that you take to a developing country to share your skills and passion to support underprivileged communities while immersing in their culture and travelling around the country


Welcome to Nepal!

Nepal is a beautiful country famously known as the “hikers paradise.” It is boasts seven of the world’s highest mountain peaks standing over 20,000 feet. The country has the perfect combination of history, culture, adventure and striking gorgeous landscapes. With over 200 glacial lakes, Nepal is home to the best hiking trails in the world and over 35 ethnic groups with different languages and cuisine.

Despite the fact that Nepal is arguably one of the greatest travel destinations in the world, it is still a developing country with a long history of poverty, past conflict and several other tragic circumstances. These incidences resulted in deaths of many people, leaving thousands of children orphaned.

The situation is dire in the rural areas. Many of these orphans migrate to the cities like Kathmandu and Chitwan in search for better opportunities. But the reality in the attractive cities is far from what they have imagined. More often these children face anguish and exploitation most of them working over 14 hours a day in informal jobs while sleeping on the streets.

Nepalese children need you to join orphanage volunteer work in Nepal and help in their struggle to improve their lives to change the cycle of poverty.

Why should you volunteer in orphanage in Nepal?

orphanage home nepal

You may be wondering why you should embark on Nepal orphanage volunteer program trip? What is in it for me? Even seasoned volunteers keep battling with these questions all the time before making a decision to travel abroad. However, we have discovered it is helpful to ask yourself this question because it assists to keep you motivated and work on something you are passionate about.

In Nepal there are many things that will fascinate you from the gorgeous backdrop landscapes to the spiritual and holy monasteries and the diverse culture and customs; there is no reason for you to deny yourself this amazing experience.

Keep reading to learn more inspiring reasons to Volunteer in Nepal Orphanage

You will positively change lives of children

Volunteering in an orphanage in Nepal is a very impactful life-changing gesture. Your work with local orphanages to reach out to more children and help out local staff will change the communities for better. While in Nepal you will be able to provide adequate care to a larger number of orphans and allow them to dream bigger for a brighter future even for the next generations. Additionally through your support and passion you will the change future of Nepalese children to live better and sustainable lifestyles.

Friendly local communities

Nepal is known to have the friendliest people in the world. They are open to embrace foreigners and to receive help. The Nepalese are very hospitable and generous. They will joyfully open doors to their homes, culture and communities and treat you like one of their own. You can count on amazing friends and family back in Nepal who you can fully count on whenever you travel back there for an other volunteering opportunity in Nepal orphanage.

Diverse and colorful culture, customs and traditions

Religion in Nepal is more than a system it is a way of life; Hindu and Buddhism are the predominant religions with intriguing and vibrant ceremonies and festivities practiced throughout the year. As the only Hindu kingdom in the world, Nepal has numerous temples, statues and monasteries in honor of the religion. Similarly, more than 35 ethnic groups in Nepal offer an opportunity to experience a variety of cuisines, traditions and customs.

Safe destination to travel

Nepal is a safe destination for travelling and volunteering in orphanage. Serious crime rate is very low and for many years now the political situation has been quite stable. They say the most dangerous thing, as an international volunteer that you can do is walk alone in the night. You are however, advised to dress appropriately to avoid attracting unnecessary attention. Watch out for that.

Travelling Adventure

The list of fun and exciting activities to do while volunteering in orphanage program in Nepal will blow your mind. If you are nature lover, you have so much to choose from in different parts of the country. If you are a hiking lover there are so many excursions to take including trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, and mountain flights. You will not run short of escapades, there are also the jungles, the medieval cities and temples to explore .

Is orphanage volunteering program in Nepal really for me?

Truthfully, this is one of the scariest instances when you have to decide if you are ready to travel to volunteer in another country or not. Before committing to volunteer in Nepal orphanage you need to ascertain if you’re ready by answering the following questions:

Are you passionate about working with children in orphanages?

It is genuinely important to make sure that you are passionate about working with children and especially poor children who are living in impoverished communities. Working in a volunteer program that you don’t care about, though, is a waste of your time and it is also very hard to commit fully to something that you have no interest in.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?

Are you ready to live with other people sharing a bedroom and bathrooms with strangers? Are you ready to eat local food that does not necessarily thrill your taste buds? Consider all these factors before setting out to join Nepal orphanage volunteer program. You certainly need to be ready and calm enough to experience a different lifestyle abroad.

Do you have enough resources to fund your trip in Nepal?

Volunteering work in Nepal is not free; you will be required to pay a program fee that includes your accommodation, meals and program donations. You also need to factor in your ticket and visa fees, travel insurance including extra money for weekend trips and local transportation. You have to save up enough money or find a way of raising money to fund your trip to Nepal. You do not want to be stuck in a foreign country miles away with no money!

Are you open-minded and adaptable?

Being open minded while in Nepal childcare volunteering program simply means tolerant, flexibility and receptive. You need to exude positivity and adaptability when it comes to learning a new culture and living in a different country. You should not only be willing to learn but also listen to new ideas while keeping your vision on your volunteering goals. If you are open to learn then you are definitely ready for Nepal!

Chapter 2: How do you get ready to volunteer with orphanages in Nepal?

It now official we are going to Nepal… Fun times!

Now how do you get ready for Nepal? What do you need? Who is paying for the flight to Nepal? Do you need a visa?


Anytime you travel internationally including Nepal, you need a valid passport. Your passport should have a minimum of six months validity and at least two blank visa pages. Do not allow a passport to ruin your volunteering experience in Nepal.


Typically your flight charges are not included in the program fees and you will be required to book and pay for your ticket separately. Flights to Nepal volunteer orphanage project need proper planning and searching, since it is actually possible to save hundreds of dollars with good preparation.

Check out different airlines and confirm the airport you can fly in and out depending on the program location. Use websites like Kayak and Google to compare prices. We advice first time volunteers in Nepal to possibly avoid busy travel months and book as far in advance as possible, this will save you a lot of money and hustle.


To join orphanage volunteer work opportunities in Nepal, you need a valid visa. Depending on your nationality (U.S, Canadian, British, Australian, or other EU country citizen), on arrival visas can be gotten at the airport upon arrival. A visa can be obtained at the Nepalese Embassy in your home country.


Do you to get vaccinated to volunteer in Nepal? What vaccinations do you require to take before travelling to Nepal?

Absolutely yes! Vaccinations can avert communicable diseases and is a preventative measure to avoid the spread of diseases that are not present in your home country. Nepal recommends vaccinations against Hepatitis A, Yellow Fever, Malaria, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Japanese Encephalitis, chickenpox, Polio, Rabies, and MMR. Check out the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website for more information or consult with you local personal doctor.

Fund Raising

Volunteer in Nepal orphanage can be an expensive affair. Besides the flight charges you also need to pay weekly program fees and bring extra money for weekend getaways and excursions. There are some organizations that offer grants to volunteer abroad but the process to access the grant is long and rigorous.

Are you worried you will not be able to afford the trip to Nepal? You can plan to travel frugal or raise funds to minimize the your cost to volunteer in Nepal. Online crowd funding is a great resource to raise money to help orphanage volunteer programs in Nepal. If you have friends and family that are willing to help, you can ask for small donations to help you out. Social media platforms have also become effective tools to raise money urgently.

See these popular sites for more fund raising resources and online donation sites.

Crowd funder

Go Fund Me

Recommended Reading

Reading is a great past time. You are advised to gravitate and read everything and anything about Nepal before travelling there. Read all about Nepal orphanage volunteering trips, the history of Nepal, the customs, politics, entertainment, fashion, cuisine, just read it all! A great guidebook also comes in handy to see and understand things from a different eye.

We would recommend these books on various aspects of Nepal:

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Chapter 3: Preparing For Your Volunteer Orphanage In Nepal Experience

teaching orphanage child

Packing Tips and List

As a volunteer we understand how stressful and confusing packing list can be. And now that you are ready to leave for Nepal you may be asking yourself, what do you need to bring along to Nepal? Do you carry along dancing shoes in case there is a disco? Will you be able to swim in Nepal? These questions will assist you to carry along only the essentials you need and to plan appropriately.

Always check your airline’s baggage policy as a guideline to avoid disappointments at the airport.

Here is a basic list that will get you started for orphanage program volunteer in Nepal:

  • Copies and the originals of your passport, visa, travel insurance and ticket
  • List of allergies and medications
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Travel adapter and converter
  • Camera and battery charger
  • Appropriate shoes
  • Sun glasses
  • Swimming costume
  • Warm winter jacket and waterproof jacket
  • Toiletries
  • Reusable water bottle
  • A flash light
  • Towel, beddings if needed
  • Credit card and cash
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Journals
  • A good book

You are encouraged to bring along a small gift or souvenir for the host family or the volunteer in Nepal orphanage. This gesture is taken as a sign of respect and appreciation in Nepal. You can bring along books, stationery or small toys for the children in Nepal.

Chapter 4: What do you need to know before volunteering in orphanage in Nepal?

If you are already feeling good and excited about this volunteering opportunity in orphanage programs in Nepal, then you’re a good fit! But we know you are curious to know what you are required before you engage in an orphanage program. Here we will break everything down for you to clear any doubts and concerns that you may have.

Ask for detailed information about the volunteer work program

You are not looking for a surprise, so it is absolutely useful to have all the details about your project in Nepal. It is important to be aware of your accommodation, meals and transport situation while in Nepal. These are some questions to ask program coordinator by following the “5 W rule and How.” You will need to know:

  • The name of the program and the location
  • Contact details of the program (emails, phone number and website)
  • Contact person at the project
  • How many people will be working with you
  • What is the distance from your accommodation to the project site?
  • Will there be a language barrier?
  • What are your expected duties and tasks?
  • Is there a fixed daily schedule?
  • What is the appropriate dressing code?

Ask for the accommodation options available

While volunteering in orphanage in Nepal, you will be offered accommodation in either a volunteer house, orphanage hostel or with a host family depending on your preference and availability of either option. If you select a host family option, seek more clarity on the family to have a general idea of the people you will be staying with in Nepal.

Here are some of the questions you could ask about your host family:

  • How many members are in the family, and the average ages?
  • Are they recognized members of the community?
  • What facilities are available in the home?
  • How is the safety of the neighborhood?
  • What amenities do they have close in the neighborhood?
  • Do they have laundry services in the home?
  • What meals will they provide?
  • Do they have experience hosting other Volunteer in Nepal Orphanage program?
  • Do they speak English?
  • Do they have any pets?

Ask about your support system while in Nepal Volunteer Work

While volunteering abroad you may run in to foreseen or unforeseen circumstances that you will need help with. You will have a local staff to assist you incase you run into any problems.

Get all the details before leaving for Nepal ensure that:

  • You have your support staff member full names and phone number
  • You contact your support staff before leaving to introduce yourself

Make the final contact call before leaving for Nepal

When you arrive in Nepal the organizations staff member will be waiting to pick you up from the airport at the arrival terminal. Call then and let them know you are boarding the plane. Confirm to them again your arrival time and date, your flight number, arrival terminal. Before leaving to volunteer in Nepal orphanage remember to also ask for an alternative emergency number just incase the one you have does not work.

Chapter 5:The in-country support staff

When you are volunteering abroad, you are bound to go through a difficult time that and will need someone help you. Whether you are seeking support, advice or in a challenging situation, you need someone in the local staff to help you out and be there for you.

As soon as you arrive in Nepal your local support will provide you with comprehensive safety orientation and they are committed to ensure you are comfortable and happy to join Nepal orphanage volunteer trip. Always ensure you keep them updated on your stay in Nepal. Similarly, always have their contacts on speed dial and work towards a building a close professional bond with them. It is important that you are in constant communication with your coordinator at all time he is available to help with anything you might need.

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Chapter 6: Your adventure begins: what to expect upon arrival

volunteer in orphanage

You are now in beautiful Nepal. Reality Check!

After hours of travelling the last thing you need is hustling for a taxi in a foreign country. You need not worry about that thou! A happy and welcoming in-country coordinator will pick you from the arrivals terminal in the airport and help you with your luggage with a refreshing bottle of water. You will then be transferred to your accommodation, where you will be formerly introduced to your new family and provided with basic security orientation briefing.

It may take a few days to adjust to the orphanage volunteer work opportunity in Nepal and your new home away from home, check out the next chapter where we shall discuss culture shock and how to deal with it.

Departure Checklist

Double-check that you have everything before leaving your home country. One little mistake can ruin your entire volunteering program and make you a miserable traveller. Make sure that you:

  • Confirm your flight details, the airline, arrival airport, date time and flight number for Volunteer in Nepal Orphanage
  • Send all the flight details to your in-country coordinator that is organizing your airport pickup and transfers.
  • Carry your passport and copies of your passport and any other identification documents.
  • Ensure that you have saved the number of your in-country coordinator and you can also request for an alternative emergency number.
  • Pack a light carry-on luggage with all your essential incase your luggage is delayed or lost on connecting flights.
  • Be enthusiastic and positive about your trip to Nepal orphanage volunteer for a satisfying and fulfilling experience helping poor children in Nepal.

Chapter 7: Safety And Cultural Shock

Are you worried about your safety and security while in Nepal? How you can stay safe? Nepal is a safe travelling destination. The people in Nepal are courteous and welcoming. However, your safety is our utmost priority at all time. You will also have to take full concern to be secure through your own actions. Use your intuitive feelings, observe your surroundings and evade drawing needless attention.

Culture Shock, How to deal with it

When join Nepal orphanage volunteer work , we can’t promise you comfy days. It will indeed be puzzling at the start but in a few days you will ease yourself as you get used to in your new life.

Could you even imagine the misery of visiting Nepal only for your trip to be tumbledown by the shock of different cultures and traditions? We advise you to overcome culture shock like a champion as this should not happen.

The solution is simple:

Face the challenges head on

Do not afraid or hesitate to take challenges you face while in Nepal orphanage volunteering trip. There is always a feeling of satisfaction when you tackle challenges with confidence.

Learn the local language and culture

It is the most important tip for you. Once you arrive in Nepal, start learning about Nepalese culture, food, language and so on. It will help you avoid miscommunication if you get in to emergency situation. Also, you will start enjoying talking to the locals when you start learning Nepali language. Trying participating in Nepalese festivities also helps you make your volunteer in Nepal orphanage stay rewarding.

Be patient and open-minded

Show a willingness to try out new things, listen to different perspectives and consider participating in new activities. Be agreeable to listen to new ideas even when they are different from what you think. Patience is a virtual. Every good thing takes time. If anything you need done does not go as fast as you are used to back at home, be patient it will eventually happen.


Here are more safety precautions that will play an important role to ensure your safety while in Nepal:

  • Do not work in the night
  • Write down all your emergency contact information
  • Do not carry valuables and large sums of money around
  • Register your new contact details in Nepal with your embassy
  • Keep your friends and family back home informed about your volunteer Nepal orphanage trip.
  • Do not share so much with strangers
  • Dress appropriately
  • Project your situation and surrounding awareness by watching your surroundings.
  • Stash away emergency cash
  • Use ATM’s with extra caution
  • Take a comprehensive travel insurance

The Do’s’ and Don’ts


  • Never forget to open shoes when entering a temple, a house and the monastery .
  • Walk in a clockwise direction around stupas
  • As for official receipt if you buy antique souvenirs
  • Never leave food on your plate. Avoid wasting food.
  • Never forget to exchange all the Nepalese currency before leaving Nepal.
  • Ask for permission before taking pictures of any building or people
  • Be nice and humble to all people.
  • Use both hands while receiving something
  • Use Namaste while greeting
  • Stay committed to your duties for Volunteer in Nepal Orphanage


  • As Nepal is a modest, religious country, you should wear modest clothing
  • When greeting women join your hands together in a prayer kind of version Namaste while in volunteer work in orphanage in Nepal
  • Public display of affection (PDA) is not allowed.
  • Do not ask for beef in the presence of a Hindu or Buddhist; cow is the national and scared animal in Nepal.
  • Do not offer someone food from your plate, it is utterly insulting.
  • Drugs are illegal in Nepal and a serious crime if you are caught.
  • Never raise your voice in a verbal argument. It is lack of manners in Nepal
  • Never drink unfiltered water, it is not safe

Chapter 8: Completing Your Project and Returning Home

volunteerin project

Orphanage volunteer program in Nepal is the basic motive of your sacrifice of time and resources. During your days in Nepal, you will spend most of the time helping changing the lives of disadvantaged children. However, you’d also want to explore the exquisites of Nepal while experiencing the Nepalese way of life. To guarantee that you have the best memorable and rewarding volunteer trip in Nepal, you’ll want to make sure that:

How to make your Orphanage volunteer experience project rewarding?

Take everything as an adventure

When in Nepal, you will have to experience good as well as bad days. You should move on from bad experiences as soon as possible. Otherwise you will end up not enjoying your volunteer experience. Try forgetting sad experiences and put effort on exploring Nepal and on your humanitarian work.

Have a positive attitude

You should always keep positive vibes when joining volunteer in Nepal Orphanage program. Never lose your aim of travelling Nepal. You are here to help children that are in need of help.

Learn the language and Nepalese culture

When you learn the Nepalese language, culture and traditions, it will be easier to talk to locals and behave appropriately. This will help you make the best out of every situation.

Travel and explore all the places of Interest in Nepal

Nepal is arguably one of the best countries to travel in the world. There are hundreds of best fun things to do and see to make your Nepal trip once in a lifetime. Nepal offers a large number of antique landmarks, temples, palaces, and monasteries to see. Explore the interesting places in Nepal and make your trip rewarding.

Things to see and do whole volunteering in Nepal in orphanage program

Nepal offers everything from awe-inspiring Himalayas to eye-catching landscapes, from exotic wild lives to delicious local cuisine, from mesmerizing ancient landmarks to interesting cultures and traditions. You can explore all these places and things during your free time and weekends off.

How can you continue to support volunteer Orphanage in Nepal project?

When you complete your Nepal orphanage volunteer trip, usually, there are follow-up things that you can help for improvement of the program. By adding to the online reviews, forums, social media and blogs you can be very helpful to other aspiring volunteers. Happy volunteering!

RCDP Nepal also offers other volunteer programs in Nepal, such as teaching English, childcare, photojournalism , healthcare volunteering, nature conservation etc. If you are interested in any of these programs and want to know the full details, read our complete guidebooks on volunteer teaching in Nepal, medical volunteer in Nepal and buddhist monastery program in Nepal.

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