Legitimacy of RCDP

legitimacy of RCDP

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How Is Volunteer’s Money Allocated?

When you volunteer in Nepal program, you are not sacrificing your time, but also you’re hard earned money. We all know money does not grow on trees and many people like to know that their hard-earned money has been spent wisely. Volunteers usually want to ensure that money is being assigned for the benefit of poor communities.

With over 20 years in the volunteering abroad industry, RCDP offers the most affordable programs in Nepal with a transparency and accountability model that is second to none.

RCDP fee model is divided into two parts:

Registration Fee - $279: Your registration fee is needed to meet administrative costs that RCDP incurs to arrange for your Nepal volunteer trip. The fee supports the organization to survive in the business. Registration fee includes advertising, utilities, rent, head-office salaries and other related business expenses.

Weekly Program Fees: You will be required to pay a program weekly fee. The fee depends on your location, program selected and the duration of your stay in the programs.  A significant amount of the program fee is used for room, food and program donation. This fee is paid weekly directly to the country coordinator, who will then pay your host family and local project on your behalf.

A small percentage of your weekly fee will also be allocated to cover the salaries of the local staff – they do not work for free – communication costs, transport costs for the local staff to check on the programs and local office expenses.

In many cases the allocation of the fees program fees between host families, projects and local coordination differs in each country and location.

RCDP does not have a fixed system for Nepal volunteer program fee allocation, but we have a breakdown matrix that we can provide to you: 

  • Host Families (60%-80%)
  • Project Donation (10% - 20%)
  • Local Country Office Expenses/Staffs (10-30%)

For transparency and accountability, RCDP upon request will provide you with an exact amount allocated to each component.

RCDP prides itself in providing you value for your money with cost effective programs that have a great value to the community while giving you an opportunity to travel, grow, learn and support poor to positively change the world.

Learn more about our highly affordable volunteer Nepal fee.

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