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legitimacy of RCDP

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In-Country Support

You may be wondering what is in-country support? When you volunteer in Nepal daily challenges are inevitable. Some are manageable others not much. Whatever issues you are likely to face, RCDP Nepal’s in-country support staff should be there to help you through it.

Maybe you are having issues with your program allocation, it could be a problem with meals provided by host family, or looking to travel a certain part of the country and have no idea where to start looking. You can always count on the in-country staff to support you and make your time volunteering more valuable and comfortable.

Many volunteer organizations follow one of the two models available. The main model is to have their own volunteer abroad in country field office with staff members such as drivers, cooks, coordinators etc. This makes up your in-country support team. The other model is that they work through local volunteer organizations taking on the role of the middleman. In that case the head of the local volunteer abroad organizations will be your support.

Regardless of the model, RCDP guarantee you unequivocal support and full responsibility for a comfortable stress free volunteering period in Nepal.

The next question would be what does my in-country support offer to me?

In-country support was designed to improve your volunteer performance while in Nepal. Therefore the staff is responsible for a lot of activities from the moment you arrive in Nepal to volunteer, to when you leave they will be present to assist you.

Depending on the location and program you select, your in-country coordinator will

Pick you up from the airport when you arrive
Coordinate and manage your accommodation and meals and support you while living with your host family or in the volunteer hostel
Lead an intense orientation on the local culture, the project rules and regulations, the host family, and the country in general.
Introduce you to your project colleagues and other important members of the community and the project.
Conducting daily and weekly follow up to check on your progress as you immerse in the culture.
Offer support, advice and solve any issues, concerns and difficulties when needed.

Do you need to stay in touch with your in-country support?

The simple answer is, absolutely YES! You should ensure you have their contact information on hand should anything happen such as illness, security concerns, misunderstandings or emergencies. Know how to contact them at all time.

Be ready to keep and maintain a cordial relationship with your Nepal volunteer program’s in-country coordinator and support staff. Always give them an update of what you are doing, where you are going so that they are familiar with you and all that you are doing.

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