Nepal Medical Volunteer

Join thousands of volunteers on affordable programs helping to change the world one family at a time…

Your chance to gain hands-on medical experience while helping the less fortunate and immersing in local culture.

Feel what it’s like when someone else’s life has been made better because YOU were there

Partner with others who know that a better world begins with changing a single life

At $185, ours is the world’s most affordable volunteer program with no hidden fees - communities benefit directly.

Your safety is always our priority... every volunteer location and project has been thoroughly vetted

First organization starting volunteer program in Nepal, over 8000 happy volunteers since 1998

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Legitimacy of RCDP

legitimacy of RCDP

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Nepal Medical Volunteer

Are you interested to gain medical volunteer experience abroad? Are you searching for an opportunity to explore natural and cultural splendors of Nepal while making a difference? Then RCDP Nepal’s Nepal medical volunteer program is designed to provide you with an opportunity to work for poor communities while improving your medical career.

Nepal is a gorgeous country full of exceptional geographical region extending from the tallest peak of the world to low plains. The country is famous in the

world for the Himalayas, striking wildlife, exciting cultures, antique architectures and warm welcoming people.

Partaking in this program will indeed be a life-changing and an eye-opening experience for you. You will enhance your medical/healthcare skills while making a difference and immersing in authentic Nepalese traditions and cultures.

You will work in collaboration with professional medical practitioners in the health clinics or hospitals that allow you to gain hands-on medical experience. Additionally, your passion will change lives of disadvantaged people, while keeping poor communities healthy.

Join this unique medical mission trip to learn medical practices, while also gaining valuable experience while assisting doctors in Nepal, contact RCDP today to learn more about this unique and affordable opportunity today.

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Volunteers Responsibilities & Impact

In this medical volunteer opportunity in Nepal program, you will shadow local doctors and nurses in health posts, clinics or hospitals. You will be providing assistance in general check-ups, examinations of the patients and basic first aid treatment. At times, you will also help in administrative activities and support health education via community outreach programs.

You will learn mostly from observation shadowing local doctors and nurses. Due to inherent risk involved and medical regulations, volunteers cannot treat patients or become involved in surgery.

This Nepal medical volunteer program is a very meaningful. Your dedication and support will help understaffed hospitals providing adequate treatment to patients. Additionally, you will gain invaluable medical experience in international level while immersing in local Nepalese culture.

Skills and Qualifications

Taking part in medical volunteering in Nepal opportunities, you need to be a certified healthcare professional like an EMT or paramedic certification, or nursing or physician's credentials. Apart from that, you are expected to be patient and helpful . Most importantly you will be required to have a great love and passion for helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and possess a large degree of kindness, flexibility and patience.

Volunteer Schedule

While volunteering in Nepal medical program, you can expect to have exciting experiences everyday. You will get to fulfill your passion of making a difference while gaining medical experience in a developing country.

You will work with different hospitals and clinics in Nepal, and each of them has its own needs, programs and activities. There is no fixed program because tasks may vary everyday. Get ready to have a great time while helping at all times.

Here is a sample daily schedule:

  • 7.00 AM – 7.30 AM – Enjoy delicious breakfast and get ready to start your day
  • 7.45 AM – After breakfast, you will head to the hospital to gain hands-on medical volunteer experience, assisting patients, doctors and nurses
  • 12.00 PM – Lunch break: Enjoy delicious traditional Nepalese meal with your host and other fellow volunteers
  • 3.00 PM– You will complete your medical program at this time. Now you can free to explore nearby places
  • 6.45 PM–A great time to enjoy delicious traditional Nepalese meal with your host and other fellow volunteers

Dates and Fees

Nepal medical volunteer program start every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month all yearlong. If you experience any travel difficulty or distress getting to Nepal on the day of your chosen program can also start on any other day of the year.

Every year, hundreds of volunteers arrive in Nepal to volunteer from UK and USA based organizations and end up paying up to $2500 to volunteer for 2 weeks. However, RCDP offers the most affordable program fee. Our program fee starts as low as $180. The program fee is divided in as registration fee ($279) and weekly fee. In Nepal, in addition to volunteer programs, RCDP runs many projects to help poor children and orphanages. We are presently running 2 orphanages in Nepal and school construction/renovation program (for detail, visit:

Majority of your health project in Nepal fee is used for your program. However, as RCDP aims is to support poor communities and children, we use remaining saving (if any left)) to run or manage our orphanages and community projects.

Volunteer opportunity in Nepal in medical program weekly fee is divided between room/3 local foods a day (50%) and project donation/support of local project staffs (50%). This allocation may be different depending up on location, project type etc. However, our coordinator will explain these issues before you pay the fee.

Weeks Medical (Kathmandu or Chitwan)
  1 Week   $185
  2 Weeks   $260
  3 Weeks   $385
  4 Weeks   $460
  5 Weeks   $585
  6 Weeks   $660
  7 Weeks   $785
  8 Weeks   $860
  9 Weeks   $985
  10 Weeks   $1,060
  11 Weeks   $1,185
  12 Weeks   $1,260

Comprehensive Travel Insurance $3.49/day

Medical Supplements fee: USD 50/week

Language and Culture Program fee $250

The weekly fees include:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Airport pick up/Transfer
  • In-country support
  • Program Orientation
  • Personalized project
  • Pre-departure information
  • Certificate of completion
  • Fundraising ideas and letters
  • Discount for returning volunteers

The weekly fees exclude:

  • Visas
  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses on soft drinks and foods
  • Daily transportation
  • Airport return transfer
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Medical Volunteering in Nepal Guide


This complete Nepal Medical Volunteer Guide Book is jam-packed with comprehensive information so you can begin your life-changing medical volunteer trip without a hitch. From preparing trip to living overseas and then returning home, you’ll discover all the guidance you need.

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Accommodation & Food

During your medical volunteering work in Nepal, RCDP looks after your accommodation and the meal throughout the project. Depending on your placement, you will either stay with our courteous host family or in safe, comfortable volunteer house. Both accommodation facilities include same gendered shared room, western style toilets with running water (no hot water) and three delicious home cooked meals .

Learn more about your accommodation and meal plans in Nepal .

Safety and in Country Support

Nepal medical volunteers will be safe, secure and comfortable throughout their stay in Nepal. You safety is our greatest concern. Our in country coordinator and project staff will be in touch with you since your arrival to departure date. They will regularly supervise your program and accommodation. Also, you will have access to the phone numbers of our support staff.

Learn more about our safety and in country support in Nepal.

Free Time and Weekend Exploration

You will have plenty of free time to explore during your volunteer medical Nepal project. During the week you will work for 4-5 hours, Monday through to Friday, leaving you plenty of time to spend your evenings discovering around the city attractions. It is also a chance to join fellow volunteers and discover the area together. Over the weekend you will have two complete days–Saturday and Sunday-to travel on longer trip across Nepal and explore other cities and attractions.

Learn more about your free time and weekend exploration in Nepal.

Nepal Medical Volunteer: FAQs

Arrival and departure

Tribhuvan International Airport is the designated arrival point when you travel to volunteer in Nepal. You are highly advised to make plans of coming to Nepal one day before the start date of our projects.

RCDP does provide airport pick-up services to its volunteers. Our local representative will transfer you to your respective accommodations after arrival. But do keep in mind that we won’t be offering any airport drop-off service once the volunteer project is completed. However, your in-country coordinator will assist you to arrange for transportation to the airport.

Remember to contact our country coordinator if there are any delays or change of plans regarding your flight to Nepal. That way, we can reschedule pick-up time at the airport on time for our volunteers.


Without obtaining a legit tourist visa, you won’t be allowed entry into Nepal. You need to visit the official embassy or consulate of Nepal at your home country and apply for a tourist visa. You can also apply for on arrival tourist visa at the Tribhuvan International Airport and work in our healthcare volunteering program in Nepal. Citizens of countries like Canada, US, UK and Australia are eligible for visa on arrival. Visit Nepal immigration website to learn more about Nepal’s visa policies and requirements.

A single-entry tourist visa will cost you US$100 if you choose to stay for at least 90 days. You can apply for visa extension at the Immigration Office of Nepal in either Kathmandu or Pokhara if you’d like to stay longer and spend more time on our medical project.


CDC recommends vaccinations against Hepatitis B, chickenpox, Yellow Fever, Polio, Japanese Encephalitis, MMR, Typhoid, Malaria, Hepatitis A, and Rabies to travel Nepal.

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