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How Can You Make Volunteer Abroad Experience Rewarding?

Are you second-guessing if you should be travelling to volunteer in Nepal? Are you worried if you will achieve what you have a great experience and make the most out of your trip abroad?

Well volunteering offers the best opportunity to help people in need while travelling to great places of interest. Volunteer work will change your life and your whole outlook in life leaving you feeling satisfied and fulfilled. When you travel to Nepal you would want to achieve all your goals and objectives for the trip.

Here are a few guidelines that will make your volunteering opportunity in Nepal as beneficial as possible:

Learning the Local Language.

When you learn the local Nepalese language you will be curtailed to build trust and show respect. You will build friendships, and experience true open culture. It also helps to finding your way around and gaining your own independence without relying on anyone for help.

Be Passionate About the Project.

Whichever Nepal volunteer program you select, ensure that you are fully interested and open to learn more. Passion plays a key role in ensuring that the program is successful. If you put passion in anything, it will be infested in all your action ensuring that you achieve what you want to gain benefits of volunteering.

If You Have A Problem Speak Up

Often time volunteers are afraid to speak up when they have a problem, which results to a nasty volunteer experience. RCDP encourages that all our volunteers to speak up and inform the local in- country coordinator incase you are experiencing any difficulties. You will protect yourself from having a bad experience and be able to get the best out of your volunteer experience.

Be Open-Minded

When you are open-minded, you will be receptive of new ideas. When volunteering in Nepal, do not think that as your comfort zone, it helps to be open to experience new things and be adventurous. Uncover the key differences between you and the people around you and be ready to learn and experience.

 Keep A Positive Energy


Many volunteers get aggravated because they don’t see change happen before their eyes, as they would expect. It is good to grasp that when in Nepal you are part of a bigger team working for an end goal of having a great community. Do not expect instant accomplishments and gratification. Always keep a positive energy while you are in our programs, be patient and appreciate the work you’re doing.

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