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Volunteer Nepal- Accommodation and Meal

Accommodation Options in Nepal

When you choose to volunteer abroad with RCDP in Nepal, we take care of your accommodations so you can focus more on your experience.

Your type of accommodation depends on which Nepal volunteer program and town you are placed in. If you stay in Kathmandu, you will have three different choices for housing; you may stay with a local host family, at our volunteer house, or at the housing provided at your project site. Each type of lodging includes three delicious Nepali meals per day. If you stay in Pokhara or Chitwan, you will stay with a host family.

No matter where you stay, we will work with you to ensure you feel safe and comfortable for the duration of your project.

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Volunteer House (Kathmandu)

The volunteer house is a comfortable two-story home located in the heart of Kathmandu and staffed by either local RCDP representatives or a local host family. Rooms are modern with comfortable beds, western toilets, electricity, and running water (although there is no hot water). You will share your space (room and bathroom) with another volunteer of the same gender, and receive three meals per day from our local house cook. Other perks of the volunteer house include on-site laundry facilities and proximity to internet cafes and restaurants.

The volunteer house is a great option for anyone looking to connect with fellow volunteers while exploring the bustling city life of Kathmandu. Staying in the volunteer house also gives you a bit more independence and may lessen the culture shock of anyone hesitant about being immersed in a foreign language.

Availability at the house depends on the number of volunteers working on a given project.

Host Family (Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara)

When you choose to stay with a host family during your volunteer program in Nepal, you will get a very unique and intimate view into your host country’s culture. From learning more about how Nepali meals are prepared to exploring the subtleties of every day social norms, staying with a host family will give you an incredibly authentic immersion experience. You will also have the chance to learn from locals as you practice foreign language and sharpen your communication skills.

RCPD requires all families to undergo a vetting process before we allow them to host volunteers as we only select only the best families who meet high safety standards. Homes must meet comfort requirements as well. You will have a comfortable bed, access to electricity and a western style toilet, a regular supply of water (although it won’t be hot), and meals prepared from organic products. What’s more, in most host family situations, you will stay with one other volunteer of the same gender.

Most of our host families are well experienced and love welcoming new people into their home. It is as much of a joy for them as it is exciting for you – you will feel as if you are in your home away from home if you choose this housing option.

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Staying at the orphanage when working with children (Kathmandu)

Some of the orphanages we partner with in Kathmandu have special rooms set aside to house abroad volunteers. This type of accommodation will help you bond with children your working with as it will help you understand their daily lifestyle. You will also be able to contribute more energy to the orphanage if you live there.

Facilities at the orphanage include shared rooms with comfortable beds (volunteers of the same gender), electricity, and meals prepared from organic products.

Volunteer in Nepal Program: Meal Options

Meals are a very important part of your volunteer abroad experience! The food you eat can enhance your understanding of Nepali culture, give you energy to climb mountains, connect you to your host family, or comfort you in times of need. During your volunteer abroad opportunity with RCPD, you will be served three local meals per day. Don’t worry – Nepali cuisine is delicious and diverse with influences from India and other Asian countries.

Breakfast is typically tea, bread, and a boiled egg. Lunch and dinner typically consist of larger meals like rice and noodle dishes with curry, lentil soup, pickles, or dumplings (momos).

If you’re staying in our volunteer house while volunteering in Nepal, our resident cook will prepare your meals. If you are staying with one of our host families, you will share meals with them. Vegetarian or vegan food can be accommodated in most cases. You may request a lunch to go if needed.

Don’t worry – if you’re feeling homesick for western food, you can always buy personal snacks, ask if you can prepare a meal for yourself, or head to a restaurant with western style cuisine.

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