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legitimacy of RCDP

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RCDP Nepal Volunteer Team

Our RCDP staff in Nepal has a clear sense of commitment for high quality and safe volunteer and internship programs with expertise in expeditions, social work, teaching, community development, volunteer management and other relevant fields.

Our entire RCDP staff works with 100% dedication to make your Nepal stay a memorable, rewarding and impactful experience.

Volunteer Supporting Staffs


Hom Ojha

Senior Program Manager

Mr. Hom Ojha is our Senior Program Manager in Nepal. With over 15 years of experience in volunteer Management, he is responsible for RCDP’s vision and strategic volunteer and internship operations. In his role as the senior program manager, he has been leading the critical transformation and emergence of the company as an international leader in volunteer abroad programs.

He is a veteran executive in the volunteer industry having worked with one of the leading volunteering management organizations in Nepal. Through his dedication and enthusiasm he has been instrumental to building up an extensive network of contacts and relationships in the volunteering industry, which paved the path for RCDP’s growth in the last decade.

Mr Hom Ojha holds a common philosophy dearly to his heart, “volunteering is not only my profession, it’s my passion. I enjoy encouraging volunteers to try new and unique destinations.”


Lila Bhandari

Senior Program Coordinator

Lila Bhandari was appointed in RCDP in 2004, and he is our Senior Program Coordinator. His main focus in this role is aligning and delivering excellent volunteering supervision with the overall goal of providing the best possible volunteer experience in Nepal. Through his hard work, dedication and motivation Lila Bhandari has lead the critical transformation of RCDP’s volunteer and internship successful industry position and global growth.

Over the years he has developed and gained a valuable insight to the volunteering industry and has built up an extensive network of contacts and relationships that helps to grow RCDP to date.

Lila Bhandari holds a Sociology degree from the University of Bharatpur, Chitwan.


Raj Kumar Neupane

Project Coordinator

A native of Ratnanagar, Chitwan, Raj Kumar Neupane is RCDP’s leading Project Coordinator, focused on leading and aligning volunteer programs and functions to be in lock-step with the needs of the organization. With years of experience in the volunteering management, Raj Kumar Neupane is self-motivated, committed and a natural when it comes to community volunteer work in Nepal. His dedication is reflected in his second-to-none work ethics and his ability to ensure each and every volunteer achieves a rewarding volunteer experience in Nepal.

Raj Kumar Neupan is redefining the volunteer industry while building a formidable roster of international volunteers in Nepal.


Pratima Bhandari

Project Coordinator

Pratima Bhandari is RCDP’s dedicated and well-rounded Project Coordinator. Integrating international volunteer experience and proficiency, Pratima Bhandari responsibilities include volunteer placements, program planning, volunteer accommodation, orientation and training, host family facilitation, logistics, and planning and reporting activities. Pratima has the up task of facilitating frequent communication with volunteers to ensure they are safe while fully immersing in the culture and keeping detailed records of volunteer’s information and assignments. She is instrumental as RCDP’s main point of contact for International and national volunteers and interns.

Pratima Bhandari holds a degree in Business Studies from Tribhuvan University


Sujan Chaudhary

Field Coordinator

Sujan Chaudhary joined RCDP a decade ago and is our Field Coordinator. As a forward- looking coordinator, he plays a prominent role in the transport of volunteers between the airport and their programs and on-group sightseeing expeditions. With years of experience he delivers an excellent customer service and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all our volunteers with the primary aim of attracting and retaining new clients. Along with the queries of RCDP’s valuable clients, Sujan Chaudhary also handles other company related matters and is extremely passionate about travel and tourism. He finds his job very rewarding and ensures the comfort, safety and satisfaction of our volunteering clients.

Sujan Chaudhary has learned to accept and seek responsibility while out in the field for the comfort and safety of all RCDP’s volunteers and interns.


Datemba Sherpa

Monastery Program Coordinator

Mr Datemba Sherpa is RCDP’s Volunteer Nepal Monastery Program Coordinator in charge of Buddhist monk teaching program. Since 2005, Mr Datemba Sherpa is devoted to working and coordinating volunteers working in monk teaching project in Nepal. He is very involved and dedicated to ensure young Buddhist monks learn the essentials of reading and writing the English language. As a Nepalese, he has knows the local towns extremely well and he is happy to assist volunteers with their trips in and around the cities.

Mr Datemba Sherpa has a Buddhism, Sociology and children studies background. He enjoys spending his time playing with children, exercising, and enjoying the beautiful nature.


Lok Bd. Khadka

Volunteer Teaching English Program Coordinator

Mr. Lok Bd. Khadka joined RCDP in 2007 as a Volunteer Teaching English Program Coordinator. His responsibilities include coordinating English volunteer teaching programs, organizing and supporting volunteers teaching English, and ensuring that volunteers have a rewarding experience in Nepal. With over 10 years of experience, he is committed to the deliverables of RCDP and fulfillment of volunteers’ adventures.

Mr. Lok Bd. Khadka holds a Degree in Education with an Education and Sociology major. With a long track record of quantifiable success in English volunteering programs, he enjoys reading, hiking and listening to music in his free time.

Office Supporting Staffs


Kapil Thapa

Web Marketing Manager

Mr. Kapil Thapa is our Web Marketing Manager. With more than 9 years of experience on digital marketing, he is accountable for bringing more traffic to our website and social media. He keeps himself up to date to digital changes and implement new changes in our organization to make us competitive in industry.

He has completed his Master degree in Marketing from Tribhuvan University. He enjoys travelling and reading books in his free time.


Jenisha Karmacharya

Web Developer

Jenisha Karmachary is our Web Developer. She is responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites, from layout to function. She strives to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation so that both users and serach engines love it.

She has completed MBA on Information System from Sikkim Manipal University. She is an enthusiastic and hardworking professional.


Khagendra Bhattarai

Senior Content Writer

Mr. Khagendra Bhattarai is a senior content writer in Nepal. Khagendra has more than five years of full time writing experience with varieties of magazines and websites. He holds an MPhil in English literature. Khagendra has been a valuable asset for us since he joined our team in 2017.

He loves listening to music, reading novels and travelling.

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