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legitimacy of RCDP

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Safety While Volunteering In Nepal

Are you safe while volunteering in Nepal? What are some of the safety measures can you take to ensure you are safe while in Nepal? Travelling to new country abroad is always a challenge because you are no longer on familiar territory. It is important to take extra caution and be on alert on what is happening around you while volunteering abroad.

Nepal is a very safe volunteering destination. Since 1998 RCDP has reported zero incidents despite of internal political instability and political turbulence. Nepal is in the process of great transformation and no tourists are kidnapped, killed, disrespected or made to feel unwanted in Nepal.
The country is world-famous for super friendly residents and welcoming to strangers.

Here is exactly the kind of safety measures and support you’ll receive from RCDP.

Pre-trip Support

RCDP ensures you are fully prepared before taking your volunteer trip to Nepal. We will lead you in all the necessary arrangements you need to make before heading off on your trip. It is important to take over vaccinations to protect your health.

Talk to your doctor and check the CDC website to see all the vaccinations you will require before travelling to Nepal. RCDP also offers reliable travel insurance options, give guidance on obtaining your visa, tell what you need while in Nepal, and always present to answer any queries or address any concerns you might have along the way before taking your trip abroad.

Evacuation and comprehensive Travel Insurance

RCDP has your safety and security set out as a top priority, and insurance is vital in case something unexpected happens such as a personal injury, flight problems or any other related issues. RCDP requires you to get a travel insurance plan that covers you in the event of illness, injury, or other emergency. Finding the exact policy and a reliable insurance company can be a very challenging task. To ensure that things are easier for you and guarantee you are safe and healthy trip in Nepal, RCDP provides reliable and all-inclusive plan. The travel insurance plan will offer you exceptional protection in case any issue might occur while you are volunteering in Nepal.

In- Country Supervision and Support

Your RCDP project supervisor will be your support system during your stay in Nepal. If you need help with anything, they'll be there to help you out. They will know your project, the local area and community all way round. While you're finding your grounds, they will organize things quickly and easily and are always happy to do it for you.

While in the country your in-country supervisor will also:

Pick you up from the airport when you arrive
Coordinate and manage your accommodation and meals and support you while living with your host family or in the volunteer hostel
Lead an intense orientation on the local culture, the project rules and regulations, the host family, and the country in general.
Introduce you to your project colleagues and other important members of the community and the project.
Conducting daily and weekly follow up to check on your progress as you immerse in the culture.
Offer support, advice and solve any issues, concerns and difficulties when needed.

A Safety Net of Other Volunteers

When you’re in a group or with other people, you may have a peace of mind and comfortable. You might feel more at ease and safer when you are working and living alongside other Nepal volunteers like yourself. There is no shame in finding comfort with people doing the same thing that you are doing away from home and your comfort zone.

If joining a group of other volunteers helps you feel safer, RCDP works with many volunteers from across the world, we will have no problem placing you with other volunteers where you can share a room and even work together. You have a chance to create great unique friendships based on a common goal!

Trusted Host Families

RCDP works with respectable and trustworthy host families that have been vetted and cleared host international volunteers like you. Our host families are socially respected often with over 15 years of experiencing hosting volunteers.

There are many benefits from staying with a host family, which include giving, gaining an incredibly authentic experience, establishing your community ties, and opening up opportunities for language practice, while living in a safe and secure family setting.

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