Legitimacy of RCDP

legitimacy of RCDP

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About RCDP International Volunteer Abroad

Registered in 1998 with the government in Nepal and social welfare council, Rural Community Development Program – Nepal (RCDP-Nepal) is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious volunteer organization. Since its inception, RCDP has been running outstanding community based volunteer programs in Nepal by carrying out many schools and orphanages based volunteer projects that benefits orphans, poor children and backward communities.

It was started in Colorado, USA in 1998

In 1998, the founder of RCDP- Nepal was a young graduate student in the United States. In the beautiful mountain city of Boulder, Colorado, he met Troy Peden (owner and founder of www.GoAbroad.com). Inspired by Mr. Peden's vision of volunteering abroad, RCDP-Nepal opened it's operation in Kathmandu, Nepal. Back then, the concept of volunteering in Nepal and India wasn't even heard of in Nepal. Therefore, we feel proud to be a pioneering volunteer organization starting volunteer program in Nepal and India.

A wonderful success story – a recognized leader in volunteer abroad Nepal

Within a year of its birth, nearly 100 enthusiastic volunteers from different part of the world joined RCDP-Nepal program. In the first year, we understood the importance of organized program, dedicated service, meaningful projects, and safety issues. Learning from the experience of working with many volunteers, we reorganized our program, added language and cultural immersion program, and started Himalayan program. Our hard work and cooperation with volunteers helped us to grow as a leading organization. Presently, RCDP-Nepal is a most recognized and respected organization in the field of volunteer travel in Nepal. Even though international and local volunteer organizations have mushroomed in Nepal, we still offer the best priced and high quality program in Nepal.

Our focus is orphans, orphanages, and underfunded schools – We have built many schools and orphanages in Nepal

The mission of RCDP-Nepal is to encourage international volunteers to contribute in sustainable community development that benefits the underprivileged and extremely poor. By developing the places and the communities, the volunteers are also developing themselves and learning new perspectives and ideas that will ultimately change their lives. RCDP- Nepal's program are affordable and of very high quality. Our focus has always been to serve orphans, orphanages, and community projects.

While running volunteer program, we remained focused on supporting poor orphanages and schools. Therefore, in collaboration with leading UK humanitarian organization, AIDS CAMP (www.aidcamp.org),  we have built several schools and orphanages in Nepal. Below are the list of some of the schools and the orphanage projects that we've help built. Presently, nearly 4000 poor children are benefiting directly from this. Our thanks and sincere appreciation goes to Aid Camp and our volunteers, who have helped achieved this dream of RCDP-Nepal. To accomplish these projects, RCDP- Nepal has also made some financial contribution, which was collected from the program fee of our volunteers.

RCDP- Nepal works with many USA and UK Based international volunteer organizations

RCDP- Nepal feels proud to work with many international volunteer organizations. We are consistently being trusted by leading USA and UK based organization such as wheretherebedragons.com, Global Vision International UK, Ozrack College, USA, University of Georgia, USA , AIDS Camp, UK, BTCV (UK), YETI (USA), to runs its Nepal program. We also collaborate with many international organizations, colleges, universities, and community group to run their Nepal program.

RCDP- Nepal runs orphanage in Chitwan

RCDP – Nepal believes that the main focus of volunteering should always be related to improving the lives of destitute children. Due to poverty and political problem, kids are being orphaned in Nepal. To help them, we've collaborated with YETI (USA) to build an orphanage in Chitwan. Our orphanage presently offers education, room/food, and love for 26 children. RCDP–Nepal is not a donor, therefore, funds for these children come from the volunteers fee (we always save a small portion of program fee of volunteers to support these children).

RCDP – Nepal's Credentials and Volunteers' Reviews

At RCDP- Nepal, we believe in serving our volunteers, children, and communities. Since our beginning, we have consistently focused on affordable fees, high quality program, community development and safety of our volunteers. In the last 10 years, hundreds of volunteers have joined our program and returned home with life changing experiences. Please visit the links below and find out what our volunteers and newspapers are saying about us.

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