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Language and Culture Programs

Would you like to learn about the culture, tradition and history of Nepal before you begin your volunteer program so you can volunteer with confidence and finish your program successfully while immersing in fascinating local culture?

If you do, this is an ideal program for you.

RCDP-Nepal provides 2-weeks orientation program comprising of language training, cultural tours, village hikes, visits to popular tourist sites, and a 2-3 day stay at the Chitwan National Park with a jungle safari. The main aim of our unique language and cultural orientation program is to teach volunteers local language, culture and customs. An important part of this program is the home stay, where our volunteers will spend time with warm and welcoming host families, eat Nepalese food and observe village culture.

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First Week of Program ($250)

Day 01:

Pick up from airport and hotel transfer

Day 02:

Orientation at Katmandu Office

Day 3-4:

Nepali language class continues

Day 05:

Valley sightseeing : A guided tour of Kathmandu Valley (capital of Nepal) will introduce the cultural and religious heritage of Nepal. You'll visit splendid historic destinations in Katmandu Valley that are listed in the World Heritage Sites.

Day 06:

Nepali language class continues

Day 07:

Closing of Nepali language class

A complete schedule of the programs will be provided during the orientation. Our language course is based on audio and visual theme and is designed to make it easy for volunteers to grasp the basic Nepali phrases.

Second Week Program($275)

After a week of language classes, participants will leave for their stay in a nearby picturesque village. Our home and village-stay locations provide volunteers with a glimpse into Nepal’s unique culture, customs, and people. Villagers are friendly and eager to welcome our volunteers. Daily life in these quaint villages is untouched by modern development. During your home stay, you will put into practice your newly acquired language skills, enjoying the cross-cultural opportunities available as you spend time with your host family.

Day 01:

Depart for the project site. After reaching the village, our group leader will introduce you to the village and its residents, briefly explaining Nepal’s religion, culture, people, and the way of life. Later, you will enjoy an evening village walk.

Day 02:

Village Hike: After lunch, depart for an invigorating hike, where you will see lush and magnificent landscapes. Visit “Laakuri Bhanjyang” where you will get a fascinating view of Katmandu Valley from the top of the hill.

Day 03:

Enjoy an early morning visit to the temple called Bindebaasini. After lunch, visit the villages of Sisneri, Bhaltaar, Thakuri Gau, and finally to Laamaatar. In the evening, villagers will present a local ethnic dance performed by a local cultural dance group. Learn about music and dance and how it’s being sung. You can join in and shake your body also to the tune of the music.

Day 04:

Return to Kathmandu after lunch. Stay overnight in the hotel in Thamel.

Day 5-7:

Recreational phase includes White Water Rafting and a visit to Chitwan National Park (3 nights, 4 days)

Recreational Phase ( Day 5-7 )

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting in Nepal is as exciting as a roller coaster trip. It’s full with excitement and amazement. The rafting also provides you with a different way to discover Nepal. You’ll raft on the rapids of Trishuli River and experience adventure to the fullest. The rafting trip starts from Charudi and ends at the Kuringhat village. It’s a picturesque journey.

( Note: This program may not be available during July and August, the monsoon season, due to high and dangerous level of water. After rafting, you will then arrive at Chitwan National Park.)

Chitwan National Park Visit

Visit Chitwan National Park and enjoy a jungle safari (3 nights, 4 days)

Visit Chitwan National Park located in the sub-tropical lowlands of the inner Terai. You will ride on the back of an elephant through dense jungle foliage in search of exotic birds, antelope, rhinos, crocodiles, and Bengal tigers. You will also learn more about the local Tharu people through a visit to the Tharu village, local museum, and watch Tharu cultural dance program.

Details of Chitwan National Park Visit

Day 01:

Arrive at Chitwan National Park. Welcome drinks and introductory talk by the program manager.

Day 02:

Wake up with refreshing tea and breakfast. Cycle to the elephant breeding center. Visit Tharu village and then return to camp for lunch and rest. Later, enjoy a museum visit and a sunset view from the camp. At night, Tharu youngsters will perform cultural program with a famous Tharu Stick Dance. Dinner will follow dance.

Day 03:

Start your day with tea and breakfast. Go for a Canoe ride and jungle walk before returning to camp for lunch and rest. Take an afternoon elephant ride and rafting trip. Return at sunset for dinner.

Day 04:

Start your day with bird watching which begins just before dawn.

After completing the 2-week Language and Culture/Village Stay Program, you will be placed at your project site or venture for trekking.