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legitimacy of RCDP

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Environmental Conservation or Eco-Work

  • Location: Chitwan
  • Start Point: Kathmandu
  • End Point: Kathmandu
  • Duration: 1 to 12 weeks
  • Hours: 30-40 hours per week
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Meal: Local food 3 times a day
  • Date: 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month
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Nepal’s forest cover has been dwindling at an alarming rate as demand for firewood continues unabated in Nepal. The growing human settlement in forested land and industrialization has also intensified the problem. Many local non-government and international organizations have been raising awareness against the issue. The effect of this campaign can be seen with community forests and many other local initiatives to halt the march of deforestation.

Realizing the need of nature conservation, RCDP-Nepal has started a village nursery in a small rural village (Chitwan) where volunteers prepare seedlings of different plant species and distribute free to local villagers and schools. There are frequent nature preservation awareness and cleaning campaigns also. While working in the project, volunteers can learn a great deal about nature, conservation efforts, work in nursery and awareness drives.

Your activities as a volunteer

Work in the nursery includes seeds collection, sowing, mulching, and watering, trimming, weeding, and related works. The nursery produces seedlings that are later distributed for free to local schools, communities, and villagers for planting in community fields. The RCDP coordinator will guide you during the project period. Volunteers’ efforts and contributions can create a positive impact on nature and promote environmental conservation.

Skills required

For this project volunteer may need physical efforts, so you should be in good health. Prior conservation experience is not compulsory. We just ask our volunteers to be flexible, enthusiastic, be patient and an open mind.

Project Location

Chitwan:Chitwan lies about 4-5 hours drive from Kathmandu. Chitwan is a regional hub that connects the flat region of Nepal with the hilly region. While the main town itself lies in the flat region, you can see the hills start from the Chitwan. Volunteers to Chitwan can enjoy traditional Nepali hospitality. During your free time, you can visit Chitwan National Park, one of the best parks to see Bengal Tiger, one-horned Rhino and ride on the back of the elephants. The Park also attracts plenty of birdwatchers.