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Orphanage Construction Project in Nepal

Project Temporarily Suspended

In Nepal, due to years of civil war and the spread of poverty, many children have become orphaned. There are no government programs for the orphaned children. They are either left to fend for themselves or they're at the mercy of their relatives and friends. Unfortunately, most families in Nepal are deprived. They can hardly feed their own children. Helping to maintain others children is beyond the means of most people. The only place to turn to for the orphans is the orphanages. Sadly, most of them are already overcrowded. The orphanages regularly turn away the orphaned children because they don't have enough space or resources. Ultimately, these children arrive in Kathmandu in search of the support/jobs but unfortunately, they get exploited as child workers in restaurants and factories.

About Asna Orphanage

Asna Orphanage was established in 1999 to offer home, education, and love for children. In 2005, Asna Orphanage has opened a branch in Lamatar, Kathmandu. Presently, Asna Orphanage offers home and schooling opportunities for 46 children. Out of these 46 children, 26 children live in Chitwan and 20 children live in Kathmandu. There are 26 boys and 20 girls of age 5-14 years. The children go to local public or private school for education. The orphanage has two hostels (Chitwan and Kathmandu) with 20 rooms.

Proposed Project

Asna Orphanage (Chitwan) is over crowded and space is getting small as children are growing. Presently, up to 5 children sleep in a single room on bunk beds. There is not enough space for the children to study, live, and play. Therefore, the proposed construction project will give more space for the children to study and live. The project will also help us to accommodate more orphans who are desperately looking for home and schooling. RCDP Nepal requests volunteers to join in this noble effort to construct a building which aim to give more space children currently living in the orphanage and also accommodate future arrivals. Your help will give life changing opportunities for those children whose life will otherwise be ruined. By working to build the rooms, you will share your love and passion for destitute children. There is no doubt that the children will be extremely grateful of your kindness.

Proposed Plan and Works

The project is slated to start around June 2009. The total length of construction project is around two years (24 phases). Each month, we expect a small group of volunteer (2-5 volunteers). We will also hire 1-2 skilled local labors to lead the project. Therefore, volunteers will be working with the local people and assisting them.

The construction project will be physically demanding. You will carry bricks, mix cement, screen sand, and do other activities of the project. Volunteers mostly work 4-5 hours a day without hurrying to much (no rush). In your free time, you can play with children or explore the local villages. You won't require any skills required to join the project. You should however be fit and in physically good condition as construction work is physically demanding.

Date and Program Fee

RCDP orphanage construction project starts on the first and third Monday of each month

$ 999 for 21 days of program

Program Fee Allocation

  • $100 registration fee
  • $100 airport pick, first night of stay in Kathmandu, travel to Chitwan, travel back to Kathmandu
  • $200 for room/food (3 week)
  • $500 donation to Asna orphanage to buy construction materials (brick, cement, iron rod etc)
  • $99 Jungle safari and devghat tour

Proposed Plan and Works

Day 01:

Arrival in Kathmandu, pick up from airport and transfer to hotel

Day 02:

Introduction to RCDP Staff and tour of Kathmandu – where you’ll visit places like Pashupati Nath, the holiest Hindu temple, Swoyambhu Nath, the holiest stupa for Buddhism, and Bouddhanath

Day 03:

Transfer to project site in Chitwan, which is about 4-5 hours drive from Kathmandu. The place lies in the southern, flat region of Nepal. It’s also a place where Chitwan National Park, Nepal’s most famous wildlife park is situated. Chitwan is semi-rural area where many people have migrated in search of work. You will either stay in a hostel (called yellow building) or with host families near the construction site.

Day 04:

Introduction to Ashana Home’s staff and orientation on child issues/project details/language, religion and culture of Nepal

Day 05-10:

Start of construction work. You’ll work for 4-5 hours a day. Start early morning with a breakfast, before working for 2 hours. Enjoy lunch, relax and join in with more construction work.

Day 11-13:

Safari to Chitwan National Park. Enjoy the break from hard work of construction and relax in the pristine environment of the National Park, where among other things you’ll ride on the back of the elephant and try to spot Royal Bengal Tiger. You’ll stay in a hotel in Saurah.

Day 14-18:

Continue with the construction work. You’ll work 4-5 hours a day.

Day 19:

Tour of Devghat. You’ll visit one of the holiest Hindu places in the region. It’s the place where two rivers converge to form a single river. Inspect Hindu holy men, pilgrimages and the temples that surround the site.

Day 20:

You will return to Kathmandu by tourist bus. You will receive certificate along with a farewell dinner at Thamel, Kathmandu.

Alternatively, before you leave, you can explore breathtakingly beautiful Himalayas with a trek. We can arrange from 7 days to 15 days of trek. You can visit Mount Everest region and get to know how famous Sherpa people live and see panoramic views of Himalayas.

Or visit Pokhara, Nepal’s second city, and move to trek in Annapurna region, where numerous snow-capped unfold in awe-inspiring vistas.

Day 21:

Airport Drop off

Accommodation and Meal

RCDP Nepal will look after your accommodation and meal during your entire stay. You'll stay in a small, comfortable hotel while in Kathmandu. In Chitwan, you'll stay with the host family. You'll enjoy three meals a day, which are usually Nepalese food. Enjoy Nepalese food like dal, bhat and spicy curry.