Legitimacy of RCDP

legitimacy of RCDP

Why thousands of volunteers
trust RCDP?

Top Ten Reasons

RCDP Volunteers Partners with STA travel, a reputed US travel company

Travel partnership with STA

' I LOVE this experience in chitwan for though short period! '

Xue Ying Fiona Wang

Refund Policy for $99 pre-application fee, language and culture fee, and tours/safari

First Application Fee Deposit of USD99

The application fee cannot be refunded after you have received the finalized placement sheet from the country coordinator. The placement sheet takes 2-3 weeks to finalize.

You are entitled to 50% refund on the application deposit if you cancel the program before your program is finalized.

Second Installment of Application Fee

USD170 (or second installment) is non-refundable

Program Fee

Volunteers will pay Weekly Program Fee directly to project or host families or coordinators. The fee cannot be refunded after the start of the program.

Language and Cultural Program Fee and Tour/Safari Program Fee

The fee will not be refunded after the program starts. Volunteers are entitled to full refund if RCDP cannot organize the program.