Volunteer Teaching in Nepal

Volunteering to teach English is an amazing opportunity to meet, connect with and make a difference to the futures of deserving young people. You will be thrilled to find the students you meet on a teaching in Nepal project are both very keen to learn and to improve their English speaking skills, but also very grateful to those who choose to spend time helping them out.

If you choose a volunteer teaching in Nepal program, you will work in either a public or a private school. Sometimes you may be invited to help out with various other, school related activities such as major sporting or social events.

Please note that during holiday and exam periods the schools in Nepal are closed to volunteers, therefore if you choose to join a teaching program during one of those times RCDP staff will arrange for you to help on other child-focused projects, such as orphanage programs.

Volunteer Responsibilities & Impacts

There are two roles on offer to you if you join this worthwhile program: main or assistant English teacher. This allows you to join this project even if you have no previous experience in this subject. However, if you do then this is recognized and you will be able to lead the class, supported by a local teacher as necessary.

Volunteering to teach English in Nepal involves spending 3 to 4 hours a day, for either five or six days a week. In most cases you will teach groups of students aged from first grade (6 years old), through to 8th grade (13 years). Even if you take the main teacher role the school’s own English teacher will be around to offer you support and insight. They are an excellent resource for ideas, tips on communicating without a strong shared language, and what to cover in each lesson.

Skills and Qualifications

Both native and fluent non-native English speakers are welcome to join RCDP’s teaching English in Nepal program. You do not need any special qualifications or experience, but of course you should have an interest in teaching and enjoy spending time with children.

Volunteers on this Nepal teaching English volunteer programs are expected to be reliable, patient, trustworthy, enthusiastic and an all-round good role model for impressionable children.

RCDP offer an optional one week special program covering the basic of Nepalese language and culture . This is a great way to get invaluable insights into the country before you arrive, as well as have some language skills to help with communication once there.

The Start Date

Teaching program in Nepal starts each Monday of each month all year round. If you have travel constraints or trouble getting to the country on the day your chosen program can also commence on any day of the year.

Fees and Date

RCDP is reputed for having the most affordable programs fees. Weekly program fees for teaching English in Nepal start as low as $100, with a registration fee of only $ 279. The fee is paid directly to the host family or the local program coordinator for transparency and accountability . RCDP ensures that majority of your weekly program fees is a direct contribution to support local programs.

Learn more about our highly affordable volunteer in Nepal program fees.

Volunteer Teaching in Nepal: FAQs

What does an average daily routine look like when teaching English in Nepal?

The usual daily schedule involves:

  • 7:00am Enjoy breakfast and tea before your day starts
  • 9:30am Essential preparation for your classes that day
  • 10:00am-4:00pm Classes begin with a prayer. Volunteers teaching English in Nepal have 4 or 5
  • [45 minute] classes a day. Most will involve teaching English, but it may be possible to teach other subjects.
  • 4:00pm your free time starts here. You can just relax, go online or enjoy exploring your neighborhood.
  • 7:00pm the day is coming to an end – it’s time for dinner!

What is the name of the school?

Several school feature in our Nepal volunteer teaching English opportunity. All details of your placement will be provided upon the completion of your application process.

How many pupils are there in a class? How many pupils does a school in Nepal have?

The size of the schools in Nepal varies. Normally, a class will have around 20-30 pupils, while the school may well have anywhere from 250-500 children in total.

Am I going to be the sole teacher, or will there be others assisting me while volunteer teaching in Nepal?

Most of the time you will be assisting the local Nepalese English teacher. He or she will be a great asset, able to help you with things like communication problems, and lesson planning. Very occasionally you may need to take charge of a class alone.

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