Photo Journalism Nepal Volunteer

RCDP’s innovative and exiting Photo Journalism Nepal Volunteer has two main aims. Apart from providing journalism, volunteers will have the chance to document various aspects of this magnificent country in picture form. Also, there is a strong focus on cultivating skills to open-minded photojournalists. To achieve the latter aim the guidance of an experienced professional, who works for a respected local newspaper, is available to help.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Photography volunteers work alongside a supervisor, (an experienced professional who works for a respected local newspaper), covering various events and locations.

nepal natural beauty

Exact schedules will be decided between the volunteer and their supervisor/mentor, who will generally travel to the sites of stories together on a motorcycle, which is the perfect transportation to navigate the maze of Kathmandu's traffic.

Skills and Qualifications

IRCDP’s excellent Nepal photojournalism programs volunteers understand how to use a camera and the basics of what makes for successful photojournalism work. You should also be able to take direction and think quickly, as this work is carried out in fast moving environments.

An insight into Nepalese language and culture is always valuable, so we offer an optional one-week language studies and cultural immersion program to meet this need.

The Start Date

Photo journalism Nepal volunteer program start every Monday of each month all yearlong. If you experience any travel difficulty or distress getting to Nepal on the day of your chosen program can also start on any other day of the year.

Fees and Dates

RCDP has been working with many international volunteer organizations to run photography program. It is a trusted Partner for many US & UK volunteer companies offering very affordable volunteer in Nepal photo journalism opportunities. RCDP’s program fees starts at low as $225 for one-week stay in Nepal with a one-time registration fee of $279. The registration fee covers for all the administration during your volunteer abroad preparation process.

For transparency and accountability, the program fees is paid directly to your host family or to the project coordinator, so there is no second-guessing if your money is going where it is needed most.

Learn more about our highly affordable volunteer in Nepal program fees.


What does a typical daily schedule look like?

  • 9:00am Enjoy breakfast then get ready for the day ahead
  • 10:30-12:00pm Meet your supervisor and plan activities for the time you are on the program
  • 12:00-12:30pm Break for lunch
  • 1:00-5:00pm Work on your volunteer journalism project as agreed with you supervisor
  • 7:30pm Dinner, followed by free time

What type of activities will I be doing during my Nepal volunteer work in photojournalism program?

The exact activities and tasks assigned will depend on what was planned and agreed between the volunteer and mentor. However, below are fairly standard examples of the kind of activities you could be involved with.

  • Attending high-end events in Nepal
  • Photographing VIP’s
  • Attending and documenting press conferences
  • Attending and documenting cultural events and festivals in Kathmandu
  • Photographing public events
  • Documenting environmental issues, like waste management, pollution, animal slaughter, etc.
  • Documenting events involving art, architecture, culture, religion, lifestyle, and trending fashion
  • Documenting the evolution of Nepalese economy

What is the name of the newspaper that I will be working for?

All volunteers will be regarded as freelancers, therefore in most cases you will not work exclusively with just one newspaper. However, if you have only one specific a publication you would like to work with please let us know and we will try to arrange it for you.

Are there any specific details I should be aware of regarding this volunteering program in photojournalism in Nepal?

There are two key things to keep in mind. Firstly, this program generally involves working with several publications on a freelance style basis. If you really only want to work with one you must mention this in your resume, and let your country coordinator know too. Then, secondly, getting the most out of your journalism volunteer experience means being constantly alert to opportunities to capture the shots you want.

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