Volunteer Nepal Monastery

Do you dream of working in a Buddhist monastery and learn more about Buddhism? Would you like to travel and explore beautiful and fascinating Nepal while experiencing the Buddhist culture and attending their famous colorful ceremonies? Look no further! This volunteer Nepal monastery program will allow you to teach in a Monastery while travelling and exploring around Nepal.

Nepal is the home to eight of the tallest mountains in the world, the Himalayas. Nepal has great scenery ranging from the mountainous ranges to the national parks, to the lush jungles and beautiful rivers. They also have unique and exotic Asian wildlife.

Dating back centuries ago, Nepal’s spectacular Buddhist monasteries are one of the world’s beautiful architectures. Most of them are Tibetan monasteries opened by Tibetan refugees that fled the Chinese territories.

In the monasteries hundreds of monks have devoted their lives to the religion. Despite English being widely spoken in Nepal the monks usually study in Tibetan language limiting the opportunities for them to learn English.

With the recent development and globalization the High Lama of the monasteries have recognized the need for monks to learn English and spread the teachings of Buddha far and beyond, while communicating effectively in English. To achieve this goal the monasteries are looking for volunteers to help teach English.

By joining, you will not only be teaching and changing lives of the monks but you as well. You will also have a wonderful opportunity to learn Vajrayana form of Buddhism and witness colorful rituals and prayers while fulfilling your passion of teaching.

Become a volunteer for an exceptional opportunity to learn Buddhism and the local Nepalese culture. If you are looking to impact Buddhist monks lives positively and make the world a better place CONTACT RCDP today for an opportunity to fulfill your dream for a satisfying experience in Nepal.

Volunteer Responsibilities & Impacts

When you volunteer teaching English to monasteries in Nepal you will be teaching English, Math, art and creative activities or sports to the monks for about 4-5 hours per day. You will be provided with teaching material depending on the curriculum the monasteries follow. In return you will have a unique opportunity to learn their culture and religion values and practices. You will be able to learn new meditation techniques and depth knowledge on their practices and rituals. By spending your time in the Buddhist monastery you will experience peace and tranquility.

Volunteer teach English to monks is a very rewarding project. While working on the project you will help monks learn and improve their English writing and comprehension skills that will give them a chance to effectively spread the teachings to the rest of the world and prepare them for their future bright lives, while connecting with worldwide to spread the teachings.

Skills and Qualifications

Anyone can volunteer Nepal monastery there are no specific skills or qualifications to join. But you will be required to be respectful and courteous to the monks and monastery's rules. Similarly, it is of great importance to show great interest, loving, kind and be self-driven to ensure your stay in the Buddhist monastery is rewarding.

The Start Date

RCDP’s programs begin every Monday all-year long. In case of any travel constrictions, you can still start your chosen program on any day of the year.

Dates and Fees

With more than 20 years of experience, RCDP offers one of the most affordable program fees for volunteer opportunities in Buddhist monastery in Nepal. The program fee is apportioned into two parts. The first one is a one-time registration fee of $299 and a weekly program fee, which, will ultimately depend on the duration of your stay. Your registration fee covers for the cost of administration while the weekly program fees covers for various things including accommodation and food. The weekly fees are paid directly to the host family or the program coordinator this ensures that you have no doubt where your money is being spent.

Learn more about our highly affordable volunteer in Nepal program fees.

The weekly fees include:

  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Airport pickup and transfer
  • In-country support
  • Program Orientation
  • Personalized project
  • Pre-departure information
  • Certificate of completion
  • Fundraising ideas and letters
  • Discount for returning volunteers

The weekly fees exclude:

  • Visas
  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses on soft drinks and foods
  • Daily transportation
  • Airport return transfer

Accommodation and Meals

While volunteering in Nepal Buddhist monastery, a loving and friendly local family will host you. You will be very comfortable as their home features many modern facilities, including western–style toilets, electricity and running water (not hot water). Additionally, they will provide you with three delicious meals a day and they will ensure that you feel completely safe and part of the family. With a proven track record of hosting international volunteers like you, the family is eager to support you and introduce you to their culture and way of life.

Learn more about your accommodation and meal options while in Nepal.

Free Time and Weekend Exploration

You will have plenty of free time to explore Nepal during your teach English in Nepal monasteries program. During the week you will work 4-5 hours everyday, Monday through Friday leaving you enough time to discover all that the local area has to offer. Additionally, you will have two full days every weekend to go on longer trips and excursions across stunning Nepal.

Learn more about your free time and weekend exploration in Nepal.

Safety and In Country Support

As a volunteer Nepal monastery, RCDP always prioritizes on your safety. They will ensure that you always feel safe and secure during your entire volunteer project. You will be supported and guided to take necessary vaccinations before travelling to Nepal and while in the project you will have an in-country coordinator and other staff assigned to assist in case you need any help. A comprehensive insurance and evacuation plan to ensure your safety is also available for you whenever necessary.

Learn more about our field and in-country support.

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